1. avatar JonAftermath
    Can anyone recommend any good powered monitors for a guy on a budget?

    I'm also looking for a good soundcard, with minimum of 8ins. At the moment i'm looking at the Terratec Phase 88 as I know a few people who are using that with good results so far but I'm interested in other ideas around roughly that price range (£200-300).

    Thanks in advance.
  2. avatar Declan
    [b:594563c173]Samson Resolve 65a[/b:594563c173]

    £199.66 + shipping (about £15 i think)
    from [url]http://www.thomann.de/thoiw2_index.html[/url]

    I tried nearly every monitor in this price range and these are the best/truest I could find.

    You don't get the detail that you would in the more expensive monitors but they have a good bass response and mid range.
  3. avatar blackdog
    Yeah they look pretty good. I've a set of these:


    Which are ok I guess, only complaint is a slightly muddy low end, but responsive. They're bi amplified.
  4. avatar blackdog
    And for a protools system front, you'd be best with an M-Audio who are now owned by avid who make protools. I've owned a delta 1010 for the last 3 years and it's magic, still one of the best soundcards on the market.
  5. avatar Wyl E Peyote
    I concurr with the delta 1010. I have the LT version, and it is superb, but i use it in conjunction with a desk with direct outs from each channel. But I use Sonar 4 Producer Edition rather than Pro Tools, but thats a personal preference.
  6. avatar comprachio
    Reolvs are nice but not flat enough for mixing imho. I have a set of Alesis M1 Mk2 Active that are ok but I really don't trust them for mixing either - I use them at the recording stage.

    For £200 on Ebay you can get a set of second hand [b:2b984cf0f4]Yamaha MSP5s[/b:2b984cf0f4] (which set you back aobut £350 new in Marcus). They've great bass, fairly flat and I've produced my best mixes on them.... don't be fooled by their size. Best Budget speakers around.

    I spose the best thing to do is try out pairs and go with what you think sounds right for you - always test speakers with a CD you're really familiar with. I'm sure there are plenty of people here that'll let you check out their set ups and hear their speakers.

  7. avatar Avarimusic
    I use a pair of Alesis M1 MK2s as well but I find them to be excellent. They're very accurate and have great stereo imaging.
    Got great reviews from Sound On Sound also and it was on the strength of that, that I bought them.

    Maybe the only concern I have with them is their extended bass response which can cause havoc if you're using them,even as nearfields, in an untreated room.
  8. avatar blackdog
    Cool - I'm going to be using mine in a treated room so I'm looking forward to hearing the difference from my study setup :D The bass does sound slightly muddy, but not so that it's unworkable.
  9. avatar JonAftermath
    Well I went for the delta 1010 card with breakout box, should arrive in two weeks. The monitors I havent decided on but i'd imagine I'll go for the Yamaha MSP5s mentioned above.

    I'm also looking at getting the Behringer mx9000 desk, or the mx8000 with meterbridge if I can find it as it's not made anymore.
  10. avatar comprachio
    I would heartily recommend the MSP5s. Any mixes i've done on them have worked well on other speakers (from stereo system to car stereo).

    I think the M1 Mk2 are a great speaker but they're not as 'true' sounding - especially with low frequencies but I'm happy I own a pair....

    Next up for me will be Genelecs
  11. avatar blackdog

    :smt023 :smt118
  12. avatar blackdog

    :smt023 :smt118
  13. avatar glzebub
    anyone know if the M-Audio studiophile range of powered monitor are any good or not? was thinking of a set to go with my PC for use with iTunes, Reason etc...or is there better gear around for the money?

    i take it you're better going with a set of studio monitors rather than hi-fi speakers for such applications? playing mp3's, recording guitar with a POD and using stuff like Reason?
  14. avatar comprachio
    For that sort of use you could prb pick up Alesis M1 Mk2 (active) off ebay for £120. They're great as itunes speakers - really clear yet easy on the ear.
  15. avatar russell
    I got a pair of MSP5a monitors off ebay on Deci's recommendation. I'm enjoying using them so far, haven't noticed any problems, they sound very clear and the stereo image is good. Easier to listen to than my AKG K171 studio headphones (my ears get too warm if I use them for extended periods) and they sound just as good, if not better. I need to get a proper desk to put them on though, I get the feeling jamming them in the corner hasn't done them any favours. I've only used them for a few hours, but I guess time will tell...
  16. avatar steviemac
    If your gonna buy monitors I would recommend "Makie HR624" bought them at the start of the year and wondered how I ever survived without them.. Buy monitors that will suit the shape of your room/environment. No need to have big monitors with extended lows in a small room! Also have a think about monitor placement, are they goona sit against the wall, or is one gonna be in the corner and one not? Try and purchase monitors that give the most flexibilty in regards to acoustic space. Ones with low and high freq filters and acoustic space switches are more likely to suit most environments!!!
  17. avatar EPK
    The Mackie 824s are worth the extra though.
    If you've big money...like £1500+, I'd go for the Dynaudio BM15A..they're simply astounding.
  18. avatar Declan
    I'd have to agree with EPK, I bought the HR824's recently and they are fab...Well worth the extra ££s...