1. avatar Chuffola
    There were a few knocking about recently but couldn't buy until I'd sold - Rule #1 in the Chuff household :(

    Anyone seeking to sell? Drop me a pm if you are or reply here
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  2. avatar Lunar
    I'm selling a Floor Pod Plus mate, it's not an XT it's just a version down from it.
  3. avatar Chuffola
    No thanks. It's the xt I want.
  4. avatar unplugged
  5. avatar Chuffola
    It may be 10 times better but its almost twice as much as I can afford to pay!

    Would you consider a trade + cash - Boss RC-2 in mint condition?
  6. avatar Chuffola
    In fact... cancel that maybe... perhaps...

    How much are those new Pod HD things?
  7. avatar Eds-diner
  8. avatar unplugged
    no man ive no need for multi effects ive all i need. i am looking a multi tracker.

    there is a xt live in cash converters high st belfast for £149 atm seen it today
  9. avatar Chuffola
  10. avatar Chuffola
    Sorted. Thanks to all who replied.
  11. avatar Chuffola
    Or maybe not.... last chance for a quick sale to me. Any takers?
  12. avatar scumbag
    line 6 products blow ,if you buy one , you will be stuck with it when it comes to resale or literally end up selling it for peanuts.
  13. avatar Chuffola
    I'm not so worried about resale value. In my opinion, and for home use, their products are great. I've had excellent use over the years from a Variax, a pod xt live (wish I'd never sold it - therefore my plea for another), a pocket pod and a Spider IV.

    If I was gigging, I'd totally agree - pretty poor. But I'm not.

    I think Line 6 polarise opinion more than any other guitar related manufacturer.

    In fact, I'm seriously thinking of offering my Strat for a Variax trade - miss the fun I had with it, the multitude of electics and acoustics and tunings. A hoot.
  14. avatar elusivelight
    They've serriosuly improved the Variax, James Tyler designed one now - looks very good.
  15. avatar scumbag
    "I think Line 6 polarise opinion more than any other guitar related manufacturer."

    there is a reason for that, line 6 are mass produced cheap junk which have a very short product life, you buy the mk1 of something and in no time the mk2 is out and you couldnt give mk1 away. their "valve" tones sound like nothing of the sort, more like a transistor radio to my ears than tube tone.

    if you buy cheap tat like line 6 , you gotta be aware that you are stuck with something whose value will plummet like a breeze block dropped off a cliff. if you are gonna keep a line 6 and have no intention to sell , then go for it, otherwise avoid them like the plague.
  16. avatar Chuffola
    Complete bollocks, to be honest. But, each to their own.

    I saw Porcupine Tree during the week. Fantastic band. What do they use in the studio? Line 6 Pods.

    Anyway, now sorted and enjoying the goods!
  17. avatar elusivelight
    That's rubbish mate, you come across as a total gear snob.

    If they were so bad, how come they have shifted millions of the things, and how come artists like Porcupine Tree are so happy to use them.
  18. avatar forevertwisted
    Yeah, thats a pretty uneducated statement.
    Meshuggah used them in them solely in the studio and live for years. Plus you see them in endless studio set-ups worldwide so they can't be that bad lol
  19. avatar Bileofwood
    For home use they are great. And they are good live if used just for the effects, turn off the amp and cab modelling and use your amp's distortion (unless you have shit amp in which case use the Pod's distortion stompbox effects). Amp modelling live just sounds like white noise at high volumes.
  20. avatar scumbag
    im not a tube corksniffer,well maybe a bit LOL !! but there is something in analogue tones that come from all tube circuits that all the digital technogubbins in the world cant touch, if you guys dig line 6 and all that, then its all good.
  21. avatar Chuffola
    Thing is, I agree. Tubes are best - no doubt. But I've been there and done that in the days when I was able to get them cookin'.

    With a wife, 2 kids and nothing but home playing, its not an option anymore. Therefore, Line 6 does the job great for me. But, given the choice and a big soundproofed room, I'd have a deluxe reverb and a tubescreamer every time.

    To slam Line 6 outright as rubbish is just wrong. Totally depends on circumstances. And for recording, the Pod is hard to beat.