1. avatar bedofnails
  2. avatar Aceley
    where are you based? would you consider selling the ht dist-x separately? and if so, how much?
  3. avatar bedofnails
    Lisburn man, well I need to get the head sold so I have money for the new amp I'm looking. At the minute I need the dist-x with the 100 so I can get a metal tone, if they where to be sold separately the head would be 700/750 and the pedal 50/60.
  4. avatar Aceley
    dropped you a wee PM :)
  5. avatar Bileofwood
    What you need, Mr Bedofnails, is to buy my S1-200 head.

    No need for distortion pedals with that!

    Am selling it on here, but holding out for a grand.
  6. avatar bedofnails
    Yip that's the one I'm after, What condition is it in?
  7. avatar Bileofwood
    It's dead on

    been gigged a fair few times - it is not pristine but it's a gigging amp. Only selling (VERY reluctantly) as only a combo will fit in the boot of my car.

    You are welcome to come have a look but bear in mind I'm not really going for offers - you will not find this amp anywhere in the country for anything less than £1250! But sure, come along and have a good play, I'll let you turn it up loud! Am in Belfast, btw.

    http://fastfude.org/topic.php?id=45449 , here is the ad
  8. avatar bedofnails
    Cool, though if I where to buy it I couldn't until I get the head sold at least. Where abouts in Belfast are you?
  9. avatar Bileofwood
    Ravenhill Road. Ardenlee area.

    That's fine, not many people have a grand to spend on an amp right now anyway, I am happy just to sit on it til I get the right price.