1. avatar rossb15
    Check out 'Otherside' from our EP at www.myspace.com/sweettasteband

    Also dont forget you can get your copy of the full EP this Saturday night at the Pavilion, doors 9pm!!!
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  6. avatar The Stav

    Pretty fuckin impressive lads.

    Great song, nice production!
  7. avatar rossb15
    thanks dude!!
  8. avatar antimythrhythmrockshocker
    pretty fuckin sweet song. like the riff! thers not enough proper rock about these days.
    if uz ever need support for any gigs keep my band in mind....

    ...we're similar sorta style
  9. avatar rossb15
    thanks man, yeah its hard to find! yeah defo we will keep you guys in mind if anything comes up!
  10. avatar rossb15
  11. avatar swaneeriver
    great track lads!
  12. avatar rossb15
    thanks! looking forward to the diamond gig with you guys!!
  13. avatar rossb15
  14. avatar rossb15
    tonight doors 9pm!! be there!!!!