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    That email doesn't work.
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    I remember playing Dan Campbells back in the day. A word of advice - if a guy called Gavin Gowdie (or maybe Goudy) is in any way involved with this, give it a very wide berth.

    But other than hassles with the promoter, it was a decent night's craic.
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    i work in larne that place scares the shit out of me ;{
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    Hey Beano, my old band opened up for you guys that night! I know a few people invovled in promoting these nights, and reckon it will be very well run. The Gowd is in no way involved as far as I'm aware. Having not lived in Larne for several years I was surprised to see quite a sizeable, tight nit crowd of rock and or roller types frequenting this place last few times i've been down so i'm sure gigs will be well attended. Hope to make it to a few of these shows.
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    Millsy...you must be in the second band :D ...try booking some of us old geezers as well, give the young un's a run for the money
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    Right folks,

    Beano I remember the night you are talking about.

    I can 100% confirm that he has absolutley nothing to do with the venue or running of anything in any way. It will be run proffessionally, all bands will recieve a cut of the door money once the sound guy and rental of equipment (a temporary situation) has been covered.

    Apologies e-mail address should be nevermoreink@hotmail.co.uk I'll edit it now.

    Mr Sexton I did not realise you frequented such websites as this, lol I'll have a yarn with you on Monday about it!

    So bands, get in contact with Nikita, people get down to The Grindhouse @ Dan's on 9th October and rock the fook out! Yeoooooooo!

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    you're email link doesn't work.
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    i wouldnt walk down larne main st at night never mind dan campbells lol spide central.

    good to see ur trying though cos larne has fuck all in it only fresh air.
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    Have you been in it lately?
  11. avatar unplugged
    no. nor would i likely be.
    i know plenty of folk who lived in larne all their life until recently after escaping it. and i heard enough about it. especially "dans" and the "wine bar" etc..and i have witnessed the carnage outside the "kiln" at about 1am.

    fair play if its improved but larne is a place i know plenty of people do their best to avoid. im sure if your from there you may love it. i have spent time in larne and i didnt enjoy it. (woman related lol)

    but kudos in that your getting that gig going. its class although be it an unlikely venue but hey - still brill. i just hope the violent spide population larne is famed for dont go "hippy bashing" that would be a fly in the ointment.
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    The Kiln is great now. Been under new management for several months, been refurbished, the club next door is great and the food is delicious. A bit quiet still because the old crowd has gone and the bad rep is still an issue.. but really, its a very nice bar/restaurant/club now.
  13. avatar unplugged
    class! the new management have cut out the fightsn outside. brill! result!
  14. avatar Millsy_Kobi
    All I was going to say was that it had picked up a bit of a rock crowd these days. Most of the spidey dance crowd which you are talking about head to the winebar, I lived in Larne from i was born until I was 18 and seen no more violence in Larne than any other small town in Northern Ireland that I've been out in.

    Anyways, cheers for the kudos (although I'm not running the gigs, just giving Nikita a bit of a helping hand) I take it you won't be attending any of them? lol
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    I must say the negitive atitudes about Larne are probably the cause of the lack of venues and good gigs
    So why dont you guys just get behind this new venue ? I know Dans has a bad rep but action is the only way to repair/restore the reputation of Larne and its venues.
    would be great to get back to the good old days in Larne when the Kiln had live bands almost every night and some realy great bands at the weekend such as "GHOST OF AN AMERICAN AIRMAN" (ONCE ALSO KNOWN AS "TRIBE")
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  17. avatar Fighting For Salem

    Contact the Kiln, I heard they are thinking of putting on regular band nights in the spirit club. Also Im sure if you were willing to do your own promotion they would maybe let you put your own gig on in the club.
  18. avatar kinta1
    are the gigs paid?
  19. avatar Millsy_Kobi
    Fighting for Salem,

    They were, only problem is the Spirit nightclub is not set up for bands at all (we've played in it three times) impossible to get a good sound and theres no real place to put the bands. Although if they were interested in running gigs in the main bar it may be a goer.

    Kinta1, all bands will recieve a cut of the door money once soundman and equipment hire is paid. So it's in both the venue and the bands best interests to promote this as much as possible!
  20. avatar Nevermore
    Okay! So now I have an account here I can chip in.

    I agree with Harpman.
    I have lived in Larne all my life, so I know its down sides. Yes, there was a lot of trouble in the past, and yes, it did have a bad rep and a bad crowd, No one is saying it didn't, But Larne really has come a long way..

    Having people write off this new venue because it is in Larne is a pretty closed minded thing to do, espically when people are working so hard to change things, and have been working to change it for years.
    I think it is something people need to get behind rather than condem it before its started.
    Just saying.

    [b:0884d36cdb]Now. Grindhouse stuff:[/b:0884d36cdb]
    This is a completely new night, in Upstairs @Dans. New management controlling the gigs, I.e. Me with the help of Millsy, so I can assure you, it will be run smoothly. I have organised events for the guts of 5 years, so it is second nature to me now.

    The idea behind the Grindhouse came from seeing how well the other rock nights have done in Larne. There are a lot of like minded people here who would love nothing more than to attend gigs, but dont have the oppertunity. Those 'Spides' you speak of are not the type to go, as I saw with the other nights we held.

    This is the reason we decided to bring the Grindhouse to Larne, to keep that success running.
    It will be an awesome night beause everyone is pulling together to make it work and be fun.
    The first night, as Millsy said, Is on the 9th Oct, with 3 awesome bands to set the night alight.
    And trust me, the larne rock scene these days is mental - In a very fun and good way.

    I have already had a good few emails for future nights, which is awesome, and thank you very much for contacting me. If I havnt replied, I will today.
    If you havn't and want to ask about gigging send me an email:

    Its not just rock and metal bands, its everyting. Blues, acoustic, jazz, anything.
    [b:0884d36cdb]BUT PLEASE![/b:0884d36cdb]
    In your email, Please include your band name, a quick band summary and a link to some of your stuff.
    I need this so I can slot you guys in on the right kind of night.
    I dont want to put a blues band in with a metal band...

    I am taking nothing money wise for organizing this, so any money made from the door will be paying the sound and lighting guy, and then split between the bands. Depending on how much we make, it could be a little, humble amount that you get, or a bigger sum.

    Also, I will be doing some live band photography on the night, and the images will be put on disc for you to use if you wish, and I am also looking to have some local press there and another live band photographer. It will be a well run night!
    Thanks guys! Hope you guys attend and make this night even more awesome that it should be!
    - Nikita
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  22. avatar Millsy_Kobi
    T minus 21 hours!! yeeeeooooooo
  23. avatar Millsy_Kobi
    Well folks,

    This was last night and it went down a storm, fantastic craic, place was bunged and crowd were amazing! I'd advise any bands who arfe interested to get in touch with Nikita! For anyone whos interested, some pics from the opening night can be seen here: [url=http://www.facebook.com/grindhouseatdans?v=photos#!/album.php?aid=43048&id=150829404943289]Grindhouse Facebook[/url]
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    My first post!
    Beano, to set the record straight, you got paid the same as everyone else. You definitely did not deserve special treatment, considering you brought no support to the gig and complicated changeovers. I can confirm that I have nothing to do with this venue anymore and it is because of difficult people like you that I decided it was no longer worth the hassle. Good luck to Nikita in her new venture, I have heard fantastic reports and I hope it's a great success.
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