1. avatar DonkeyZSP
    BAND COMPETITION!! If your Band would like a chance to support Team Fresh at their upcoming Radar gig on 7th October then post a link to your bands myspace page here, we will pick our 2 favourites and let you know. There are two slots at this gig so spread the word and good luck!
  2. avatar annaschamber
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  3. avatar adi.feud
    in for a penny, in for a pound

  4. avatar Strong Reaction
  5. avatar Espressohead

  6. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    [url=http://www.myspace.com/thebonevilles]The Bonnevilles[/url]
  7. avatar Alex-Circadian

    or alternatively the bandcamp... http://circadian.bandcamp.com/

    Punky, bluesy, rocky carry on. G'wan!
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  8. avatar Bileofwood
    Good way to get new fans on the FB page, I like it. I will felch this idea.

    Not that anyone wants to support us. Humph.

    <edit - oops, that was for the OTHER post. NVM>
  9. avatar Bileofwood
  10. avatar TeamFresh
    If all bands could post their links on the Team Fresh facebook page in the comments box under the competition bit that'd be great.
  11. avatar The Lonely Cool
    It's not myspace but it's near enough the same thing..you can still stream the tracks

  12. avatar Recycled Alien
    How much is the entry fee?
  13. avatar PunksatonyPhil
    [quote:6366296592]Recycled Alien: How much is the entry fee?[/quote:6366296592]

    Ya bastard, that's what I was going to write.
  14. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:090e7288e5="PunksatonyPhil"]Ya bastard, that's what I was going to write.[/quote:090e7288e5]Well, obviously you'd have to pay for the professional publicist and her boyfriend, I mean "photographer" and suchlike. Overheads like that mount up.
  15. avatar secret teeth
    no harm in trying...

  16. avatar theminoritymusic
  17. avatar dmgphonics

    check us out
  18. avatar Daveitferris
    I swear i'm not being rude, But why's this a competition to support another local band?
  19. avatar EWColin

    Perfect for drinkin' beer and swingin' hair.
  20. avatar ohmessylife
    [quote:2c2f16758e]I swear i'm not being rude, But why's this a competition to support another local band?

  21. avatar spirit of division
    It does sound a little weird but I guess they're doing well for themselves and you could substitute "competition" for "anyone want to play with us?". I'm guessing they'll decide the same way regardless...i.e. whoever they like most.

    Look at me being all non confrontational.
  22. avatar thefonz


    we dont have a facebook
  23. avatar savagebilliards
    Can we pay to be roadies Donkey? ;)