1. avatar Chi-Lite
    I see Arlene Foster's giving somebody half a million quid to market belfast as a "City of Music" so as to get tourists and stuff probably, nobody seen that? Or does nobody care? There's a load of adverts going on UK tv i think, with some boyo singing on them, or some shit like that. I know, I'm a fountain of information, go and read it yourself. I'm sure there's scope for somebody to make a few quid.

    Also, is your man who runs the Merchant teaming up with Maxi and the ATSTCM to open up that big music centre that Maxi's been talking about for years, with a recording studio and a bar and venue and that? Anybody know anything about that? Last I heard the plan was to use the old peeler station in Queen Street, nobody heard nothing? there was something about it in one of the papers there this morning
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    Meh. Whatever brings the tourism money in I suppose. Call it City of Unusual Trousers if that's what is required. I'm not sure it has anything to do with what's actually here. See also City of Culture.
  3. avatar Chi-Lite
    Nah, but these adverts are gonna be running in the next couple of weeks, encouraging people to come over to see music and that.

    Meant to put a link there, but I forgot
  4. avatar fastfude
    Curious. How come it's coming [i:2fd69e9b14]after[/i:2fd69e9b14] Belfast Music Week?
  5. avatar Chi-Lite
  6. avatar confetti

    The group behind the Merchant Hotel in Belfast has won planning approval for a landmark traditional music centre in the city's Cathedral Quarter.

    The Beannchor Group wants to convert a 19th century warehouse into a facility including a school of music, tuition rooms as well as a pub and dining area.

    It is understood the group wants a link up with a traditional music school.

    Beannchor managing director Bill Wolsey said he was "delighted" that the plan was going ahead.

    He said it would lead to the regeneration of the Grade-B listed building in Waring Street which is the oldest bonded warehouse in the city.

    He added: "The aspirations of this cultural centre suit the wider aspirations of the Cathedral Quarter, which is the cultural quarter of Belfast."

    It is understood Beannchor sees the new centre as a way of meeting growing tourist demand for traditional music in the centre of the city.

    The group had tentative but ultimately unsuccessful contacts with renowned traditional musician Francis McPeake about a role in the new venture.

    His own school closed down after 31 years teaching in Belfast.

    However, Beannchor has confirmed that it is in talks with another school, which has an interest in both Irish and Scottish music as well as poetry and storytelling.

    It is understood the group also wants to offer space for commercial artisans in the new facility.
  7. avatar Chi-Lite
    Must be the Andytown School then I'd imagine.

    Happy days
  8. avatar Greg42
    Typical Belfast thinking right there. Promote the very things that make this place the cultural black-hole that it is. You're more likely to find culture on the underside of your shoe while walking through a field of cow pats, than step on to something worthwhile here. The music scene, from my extensive experience, seems to be the same old bunch of dull punk rock/metal bands badly mixed regardless of the venue you choose to frequent. Would it kill you deep, songwriting bastards out there to do something that doesn't sound like the latest bloody dollop of Snow Patrol, coma-inducing, acoustic homogeny? And more to the point, would it kill you lot to do something with a little excellence for once? Try doing that and Belfast wont need a national music fund....
  9. avatar Chi-Lite
    Who gave us a national music fund?

    Also, I think the tourism funding, and the new project outlined above, are gonna be predominantly focused on tradition music, which Belfast excels at.
  10. avatar Recycled Alien
    Literally "Laughed Out Loud" - Greg42 (see above) had posted a link to his own music a year ago but 2 minutes after making the above ignorant post ("ignorant" = "does not know what he's talking about") he edited the old one to remove the link.


    ("Electro-Rock", he says. Hard to know whether that means like Enter Shikari or Eurythmics.)
  11. avatar chrisjedijane
    Greg42, if you took the time to listen to any of the bands that are actually doing well around Belfast you'd find out that you're very wrong. Get your head out of the sand and quit whining.
  12. avatar my-angel-rocks
    At least they edited out the Panama Kings plug that was in the original press release.
  13. avatar whosbainejakey
    Tue 14th Sep 2010, 5:02 pm

    At least they edited out the Panama Kings plug that was in the original press release.[/quote:1d9c2e4ce3]

    Is this the original?:

    Belfast Blasts As 'City of Music'

    A major marketing campaign to promote Belfast as a 'City of Music' has been launched today.
    The £500,000 initiative, which will target over 10 million potential holidaymakers in Great Britain, tunes in to Belfast's rich musical heritage in a bid to attract more tourists to the city this autumn.
    Tourism Minister Arlene Foster (pictured) launched the project and said: "If we are to further boost tourism we must target specific markets.
    Encouraging holiday makers from GB to come over and enjoy the thriving music and festival scene here in Belfast is an ideal way to promote everything the city has to offer.
    "The intensive programme of marketing activity over the coming weeks will emphasise Belfast's wealth of musical talent and the tremendous choice that awaits visitors to the city.
    "Given the later than ever booking pattern, we still have real opportunities to persuade people to take holidays and city breaks in Belfast and Northern Ireland," she said.
    The new Tourism Ireland advertisements for Belfast, fronted by well-known DJ and TV presenter Annie Mac, will run on 60 national and regional radio stations serving over nine million listeners in GB.
    Belfast ads will also be heard by 3.5 million British users of 'Spotify', the music download website.
    Fun online ads will also target music-lovers on websites like Yahoo!, MSN and Last.fm.
    Using the tagline 'You Get To Choose the Line-Up', the ads will highlight a diverse range of local musicians - such as Anthony Toner, Eilidh Patterson, Panama Kings and Cashier No. 9.
    Online direct marketing messages about Belfast will be sent to one million known music and city break enthusiasts around Britain.
    Niall Gibbons, Chief Executive of Tourism Ireland, said: "In these very competitive times, it is important to have 'stand-out' and compelling reasons to visit Belfast and Northern Ireland and this new campaign will capitalise on and highlight the continued growth in the festival scene and many musical events around the city.
    "While the number of British people travelling abroad - to all destinations - has been impacted by the economic downturn, GB remains the largest and most important market for overseas tourism to Northern Ireland.
    "We know that hundreds of thousands of British people will take a short break or holiday between now and the end of the year. Tourism Ireland aims to win as much of that business as possible."

    Link: [url=http://www.4ni.co.uk/northern_ireland_news.asp?id=116398]http://www.4ni.co.uk/northern_ireland_news.asp?id=116398[/url]
  14. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    [quote:e5bc835fee]Curious. How come it's coming after Belfast Music Week?[/quote:e5bc835fee]

    With respect Roger, I actually heard one of these ads on spotify (annie mac with Cashier No.9 playing in the background) over a month ago so its perhaps just the story that's out after 'music week' rather than the campaign.
  15. avatar Chi-Lite
    Ah...so a couple of bands got free advertising and PR paid for by the Government?

    Mad, I wonder how that campaign was contracted out, and to who? Anybody know? Just for the sake of transparency and that like.
  16. avatar T Entertainment
    Marty, don't
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    You fucking hater.
  17. avatar Chi-Lite
    I know, people'll I'll be thinking I'm not busy in work even though, in fact, I am.
  18. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    [quote:322d55d9c2]Ah...so a couple of bands got free advertising and PR paid for by the Government?

    Mad, I wonder how that campaign was contracted out, and to who? Anybody know? Just for the sake of transparency and that like.

    Would you be able to avoid having to pick a couple of bands for this? Its hardly possible to use every band from NI. It would be very hard to do this and not have at least some subjectivity. I've got no idea who was involved, I just heard cashier in an advert on spotify and thought it was pretty cool. Great band to have representing NI music imo.
  19. avatar Chi-Lite
    No, you're right, of course you would have to pick bands for it, and of course it would have to be subjective. In fact, that's precisely why I'm asking who done it, as that's the important point, given that it was subjective.

    I'm just wondering who it was, is all, and whether that person or company was contracted by the government using separate procurement processes for this particular DETI expenditure or whether it was done as part of some side deal to some already established music organisation with some other government or quango related contract.

    Cause I'm interested in the mechanics of how these things are done and, since this is a government scheme, this is the perfect time to try to find out.

    Anybody know?
  20. avatar T Entertainment
    Can't be that hard to find out, the person who wrote the cheque was probably standing beside you in the canteen queue this lunchtime, ffs.
  21. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    Sure Chi-Lite that never happens :O
  22. avatar T Entertainment
    I don't think anyone is casting aspersions on Cashier No 9, they're a decent outfit who are going places, no doubt.
    But people are obviously going to be curious as to how all the bands were chosen - or by who. That's totally reasonable, surely.
    It is a big promotional push and a lot of money, alright: Marty, as I understand it, is merely wondering how the bands who are benefiting got to be in that position...
  23. avatar NumberBlack
    So they are trying to promote music in Belfast while smothering music promotion in Belfast on a daily basis?
  24. avatar T Entertainment
    If you're referring to the Council painting over posters, then no, not in this case - this is a Tourism Ireland programme, funded by Department of Trade and Industry.
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  25. avatar Chi-Lite
    Aye, I'm just wondering how these things work like. Given that Tourism Ireland seems to be the lead organisation, and it doesn't really have anything to do with music, there's a bit in between where someone got some of the money for deciding what music it should be, or where some promotions company that had been involved with tourism Ireland previously was asked to provide the music content, or where some randomer from Tourism Ireland did a google search for local bands and asked them if they wanted to be in an advert. I haven't a clue how these things work, that's why I'm asking
  26. avatar T Entertainment
    <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/hgee3IGYZsU?fs=1&hl=en_GB"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/hgee3IGYZsU?fs=1&hl=en_GB" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowscriptaccess="always" allowfullscreen="true" width="480" height="385"></embed></object>

    Anyone else remember Mark and Lard's regular feature based on this song?
  27. avatar sloppyjoe
    [quote:6b028c421d="T Entertainment"]Anyone else remember Mark and Lard's regular feature based on this song?[/quote:6b028c421d]

    I had managed to forget Mark and Lard and their entire oeuvre. Now I have to start all over again. Cheers for that.
  28. avatar whosbainejakey
    Even taking The Shirehorses into consideration, Mark Radcliffe has done more to promote and popularise good music than you, me or anyone else posting on this thread, Sloppyjoe.

  29. avatar T Entertainment
    Why, did they pick the bands?
  30. avatar tinpot anto
    Is that Mark "Fleetwood Mac there with Rhiannon, so Stuart; blah blah Morrissey blah: yeah Mark, Northern Soul blah blah blah: hmm Stuart, The Cure blah blah. Hahahahahaha. The Feeling" Radcliffe?
  31. avatar goatboy
    Anyone know who did actually pick the bands?
  32. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    No idea but I'd imagine whoever they are they will have some link of some sort to the bands picked as generally the people behind these things are in some way active in the scene and know the bands. Conversely if the people selecting the bands are totally detached from the local music scene then there will be questions on whether they are fit to select. I really don't see the point in searching for conspiracy in everything.

    It was always gonna be something accessible with large appeal. Not just the bands selected for the adverts will be benefiting from this - I think its a great positive step.
  33. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:dd1b44aa07]Conversely if the people selecting the bands are totally detached from the local music scene then there will be questions on whether they are fit to select.[/quote:dd1b44aa07]

    One could argue that picking a band that are now split up raises questions on whether they were fit to select anyway.

    But this is public money and as such should be a transparent process. For all we know it could have been (and I'm not saying it was, is just an example) a manager of one of the bands who selected them.

    Coordination with the Belfast Music Week might have been nice though, but oh well. That said, I'm not entirely convinced by the idea as I can't see who its aimed at either:
    * the music fan who travels to see his/her favourite band play, but when does Belfast get gigs that aren't happening on UK mainland (and so are much easier/cheaper to get to)?
    * the middle age/class tourist who wants to go to a city and might check out a gig? Do those people exist in large numbers? Would they not be more likely to go see something at Waterfront/Odyssey?

    BCC (I know this is a Tourism Ireland initiative) doesn't seem to believe in the power of the big gigs to pull tourists, witness them pulling the annual NYE gig.

    The Vacuum had an interesting piece on the state of tourism in NI a while back, the gist was that while other places with thriving tourist industries have moved to a more immersive tourist experience, N. Ireland's industry is stuck in the mid 20th Century, presenting things as dry facts: "So and so lived here" "These are a big pile of rocks" "This is an old building". I guess this might be an attempt to change that, but it seems to be aimed at the wrong audience.

    Being a tourist hotspot is always a glamourous thing I'm sure, but some places just need to accept they're not going to be. Like Carrick.
  34. avatar T Entertainment
    "I really don't see the point in searching for conspiracy in everything."

    'Sfunny, as I see even less point in claiming people are searching for conspiracy when they're really only asking a very reasonable and sensible question....:)

    I'm not even in a band or associated with one and I'm curious. Marty asked initially, others are clearly interested.

    There's a lot of money involved and this campaign is clearly up a gear from most which have gone before (big name DJ bought in, big Spotify campaign, national radio ads etc) and it's great for the bands involved, sure.
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  35. avatar flightstrip
    Its who you know,not what you know or how talented you are........same old,same old.FACT
  36. avatar pauldoherty
    No....this thread shouldn't go down the shitter with 'why them not us' etc...it's just people asking 'how does this work? how can acts be considered for things like this in future? Who is involved/point of contact?. Quite valid really...no hidden agenda's a dont think.
  37. avatar Chi-Lite
    Plus you're all a bunch of back-slapping wankboys.

    Nah, i'm only slegging, I'm just wondering about it. it's a shite load of money like, it'll be interesting to see the breakdown of the spend. Departments' money can all be traced, but I suspect the full sum was probably farmed out to tourism Ireland, or maybe some arts body was contracted in too. I haven't a clue, I must try and check it up
  38. avatar pauldoherty
    ;) And you are the other side of the coin Marty... 'a wee wind up wank boy'
  39. avatar TheJaneBradfords
    EDIT: Nevermind...
  40. avatar tinpot anto
    As ever in NI the interest in feduciary transparency diminishes exponentially with the increasing chance that one might benefit from it.

    Edit: sorry deci that looks like it was directed at you, it wasn't. Just a general muse. :-)
  41. avatar stevieo
    Get on the DLA and use it for promo with a racing post allowance set aside.
  42. avatar T Entertainment
    "As ever in NI the interest in feduciary transparency diminishes exponentially with the increasing chance that one might benefit from it."

    Nicely put :D
  43. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    That Rock the Boat video link has thrown me into despair. I can't decide whether I hate those people, or I really want to be on that boat. It also makes me miss home, simultaneously making me wary of ever going back.

  44. avatar Greg42
    The only thing people from Belfast know how to do well is slabber. Thanks for proving this point Recycled Alien. Meanwhile nothing worthwhile happens on the local music front (tumble weed rolls through...).
  45. avatar rentaghost
    Marty - Howard Hastings said something about this at a meeting I was at yesterday, but I was only half listening at the time. I'll check the minutes and see what I can find out. I would imagine the Tourist Board are involved as well. Plus - BCC are looking for new marketing people in the Tourism dept so I'm guessing there may be some sort of link there?

    Also - Greg42. A lot of stuff thats coming out of Belfast at the moment really doesnt fit your decription at all, so perhaps your experience may not be as 'extensive' as you think it is? just saying, like.
  46. avatar flightstrip
    Actually Gregory(i h8 belshaft)42,the local music scene is pumping at the mo,i aint seen tumbleweeds for a while.(not since my thursday nites at the Pavilion!lol).if u get out and about youll see some crackin bands....yup,theres some pants ones out there too but at least theyre givin it a go and not out spidin it up (like)!
    I like the amount of good bands but i h8 the way gr8 ones dont seem to progress due to lack of interest and passive "whateverism" .the band things a bit "clicky",,chums come along to hear their mates band then piss off to let the headliners play to a half empty room.not good.bands that do well are the ones who gig,gig,gig,tour,get a fanbase in NI and beyond.
    and wots wrong wi a bit o slabberin anyways?lol
  47. avatar Greg42
    In my honest opinion; Dublin has more going on at the moment, there's some great stuff happening down there. I'm not saying Belfast is completely shite, it just lacks musical diversity that's all. I understand I'm in danger of sounding like a dick (that's what happens when you go for a good troll), but when you love music, it's frustrating to see the local music scene lacking a good assortment of musical styles. The Dublin scene is great at the moment because it caters for so many musical tastes, whether you're into classic rock, metal, electro, Punk, Reggae there's something for everyone. If you want to head out for a night of live local music here, you go to places like the Pavillion, the Rosetta, Limelight and the Menagerie: It's the same ole cack each and every time. Sure Belfast has a pretty decent traditional scene, I'm not disputting that there's some excellent traditional down at the John Hewitt most weeks and the staple Rab McCullough blues night at the Empire is a good night out. The only venues that are currently supporting some interesting acts are Blackbox (home of the Musos and a good venue for supporting international acts), and the Stiff Kitten band night showcased some good stuff the last time I was there. Other than that it's pretty dire and it's a shame because this place could be awesome. It just needs a bit of vision.
  48. avatar flightstrip
    hah,u dont sound like a dick greg.ur rite about there being a lot of 'samey' bands.
    ur band should be like sex:a bit of variety and u wake up in the morning thinking"what have i done?...though it was fun!"
    like tonight i shall be singing ACDC,Killers,Mika and fekkin Johny Cash.but then im a musical whore!
  49. avatar rentaghost
    This is a small city; the city over there is far away.
  50. avatar Ciara
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