1. avatar T Entertainment
    Hope Naomi won't mind the post of her blog, which contains the relevant links:

  2. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    hmmm... I think there are definately two sides to this story...

    I only takes one tit to start something and then adrenalin kicks off all around...

    I think in ruckuses like this people get mixed up in it... Door security in dublin is regulated - you are not supposed to be a mental case and they can get their license taken away if caught acting the maggot.

    I am not condoning any act of malice... but lets not just point the finger straight at guards and security staff..
  3. avatar Strong Reaction
    Well, punching a young girl in the face is disgusting.

    This was meant to be the topic of discussion on FM104 tonight, such was the outrage. It was pulled because no-one from the Crawdaddy would go on to state their side of the story.

    Accounts from people who were there below, a bit of nonsense to wade through, the story seems to be bouncers being overtly heavy handed with people who were dancing, I think one lad even had his arm broke.

  4. avatar Strong Reaction
    A facebook page about this was set up. Crawdaddy have now edited their own apparently so there's no info on it.

  5. avatar Nay
    No probs with the link of course. I think the reason this has kicked off to such an extent is that there are just so many horror stories in relation to the bouncers working the POD complex.
  6. avatar Daveitferris
  7. avatar PunksatonyPhil
    Fuck me.

    If that bastard isn't locked up there is something wrong with the world.
  8. avatar bottleofsmoke
    Fuckin animals. The guy who steams in on about the 20 sec mark in that clip is a maniac. And out of control.

    Hopefully the punters & bands can stick together and get it sorted down there.
  9. avatar Nay
    Check this out, the guy who got throttled gives his own version of accounts. I don't know him but he's apparently very quiet and a sound lad.

  10. avatar Steven Dedalus
    I was going to play Crawdaddy a week or two ago.

    I dread to think the carnage that would have resulted if that'd been the case.
  11. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    Man - that is nothing shy of what happens when most fights happens within a bar...

    There are bouncers being very heavy handed but their job is to basically get the "offenders" off site... when people start joining in and then complaining when they are ejected it just gets messy.

    These bouncers / animals are doing their job - albeit heavy handed...

    There are places in dublin where people know the bouncers don't take any shite... only one answer - don't give them any - then things like this dont happen... they are big fellas - no point in fighting against them..

    As a side note thought - I have had plenty of run ins with them being ejected... tis a bit of craic! :)
  12. avatar chrisjedijane
    Thank you for your valuable contribution to the discussion.

    It's sickening. Watching that video, you can clearly see the bouncers being the aggressors, and being totally out of control. There's a right way and a wrong way to deal with crowds, and this is clearly the latter.
  13. avatar NumberBlack
    'Big fellas' hitting girls. So that's what bouncers do..

    I've seen plenty of bouncers not react to complaining, once the person is out they are out, the bouncers don't need to start attacking them on the street.
  14. avatar Strong Reaction
    Aye, it's all a bit of craic.

    Wise up son.
  15. avatar bottleofsmoke
    Ladedadedumdeda you're talkin out your hole chief. What went on in that vid had fuck all to do with bouncers just doin their job.
  16. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    K - after having another wee look at the video - yes bouncer who looks like "I am Fighter" is very much a little pitbull... but here how I see that particular episode... Bouncer is struggling to restrain someone - he is trying to bring him towards the exit... his mates all jump on the bandwagon which only ads fuel to the fire.

    This is nothing unusual... when I were a lad this would have been a proper fight! :)

    I honestly don't see how this video is sooooo damning of the bouncers... if the halfwits who crowd around the bouncers had of backed off a little - your man would have be kicked out of the area / job done situation defused...

    If anyone remembers laverys years ago the back stairs from the attic down always had little droplets of a thick dark red substance... obviously I am not sure what that was... but it looked like trouble! :)

    Its not right - that true... but the best thing to do is back off and let it calm down... easier said that done... but if it does kick off and someone gets slapped then you are generally talking when you should be listening...

    As for the girl who got hit - I would imagine - and perhaps that this is an assumption that she got caught in the middle of something... I don't think that a bouncer would risk hitting a girl... in fact most establishments I went to in Dublin employed at least one woman bouncer to deal with such madams!

    In my opinion this situation has got much worse because of bloggers and facebook pages! This happens in EVERY city! Bouncers aren't supposed to be wee gentle people... pick a fight with them at your own risk!
  17. avatar Strong Reaction
    So upon ejecting someone from a club for dancing (not fighting) they are entitled to punch them in the face/break their arm/smash their head off a gate?

    Wise up.
  18. avatar Daveitferris
    If that girl was injecting herself with morphine and screaming spice girls lyrics, she STILL didn't deserve to be hit.

    Ladedadedumdeda. Your take on -bouncers- appears to be... If someone ie caught doing something wrong in a venue, them the bouncer then has license to get his fists warmed up.

    Which i completely disagree with.
  19. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    Ach sure tis not like the grand old times, when you could take an ould hiding on the chin and have a laugh about it after. Sure I remember when you could kill a man until he was dead and then take him out for a pint after.

  20. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    ach balls... your opinion of bouncer is that they shouldn't touch you... you crowd animals like that they are going to bite back...

    they job is to eject maggots who are a danger to other punters by using reasonable force.. the punters there at the very start of the video were CLEARLY not leaving venue on their own and fighting back... Daveit - these people in the video are clearly not just sitting around having a pint and being picked on...

    I never said it was right to hit a girl... don't twist words... I would severly doubt someone would leave the ruckus and run over and bop a wee girl...

    I dont condone the actions of the bouncers... just have a bit of cop on...

    If you see something like this happening... best thing to do is calmly wait on the cops... adrenalin flying around doesn't help anyone... leave the venue...

    And here... if you want bouncer injustice... look closer to home... last year a fella was thrown down the stairs at the EG and ended up in a coma! Bit of perspective please!
  21. avatar Nay
    Ladedadedumbass :: So because no one was left in a coma on Saturday night, there's no point getting worked up over this? That's shite. The fact is that the Crawdaddy bouncers have been getting away with this for too long and it boiled to a head after they randomly attacked people at a gig because one fella threw his hat across the crowd. The reason they're all crowding around the bouncers is because they've already seen the rest of their mates been strangled, punched and dragged out by their hair. You obviously haven't read the moshspace thread in which the punters explain how it all kicked off and instead you're basing an entire opinion on one minute of uploaded footage. How balanced.

    BTW, I fucked up a link earlier - there is a photo and comment from the guy who was strangled on Drop-D.
  22. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    Nay - your comment is obsurd! Of course I am basing it on that footage... and having witnessed many situations like this...

    you are also basing your opinion on one side of the story - how balanced!

    Fact is I am bored with this... if you want to be naive enough to think that ALL that was over one hat being passed then wise up you tool!

    I am sorry for anyone that got hurt... but wait til I tell ya - If I got my balls rolled by a bouncer I would be saying he started it over nothing! I am not saying bouncer start it... but think of the claim you would get! :)

    And here... if you job depended on you not getting a criminal record for assult... do you think you would randomly walk about a nightclub assaulting people? are you that stupid?

    Over and out!
  23. avatar Recycled Alien
    I don't know if the law is exactly the same in the Republic as the UK, but I'm sure it's broadly similar. That being so, bouncers have no legal right to use force (reasonable or unreasonable) to eject an uncooperative punter. That's a matter for the police. Force can only be called legal if it is in direct self-defence or to prevent injury to someone else.

    Good to see that "Ladedadedumbass" (nice touch) is now claiming to be smart enough to stop digging. We'll see.
  24. avatar seanogohara
    Proper order.

    ..Just kidding.
    This is pretty horrible, especially considering it was at a Home Star Runner gig.
    It couldn't have been that rowdy.
  25. avatar ladedadedumdeda
    catch a grip... tell you what! why don't we all agree not to go to crawdaddy every week?

    vote with our feet!
  26. avatar feline1
    It sounds like a great time was had by all.
  27. avatar Strong Reaction
    Just like at People Without Pets.
  28. avatar feline1
    Anyways I watched that video, and it was hardly like the "punters" in question (all 7 of them) were running away from the bouncers, desperately trying to avoid a confrontation.
    Instead, they all seemed to be pished, and milling around the bouncers, prodding them and agitating them and yelling "you c*nt!! get the FOCK offa me!! FOCK!!"
    Which, quite frankly, is akin to kicking a pitbull in the face having just smeared dogfood on your own testes.
    Anyways if they were really hard they'd have knives.
  29. avatar T Entertainment
    Of course bouncer over-reaction is only a real scandal if your support band has insulted Bobby Sands and your band has been caught trying to smuggle under age indie girls in via the fire escape...:p
  30. avatar Nay
    I really can't be fucking bothered explaining 2000 FB members, 150 witnesses, 500+ moshspace posts, several different articles and other forum posts, photos, videos and the huge string of previous complaints against Crawdaddy's security to a lazy schmuck. One mental bouncer kicked it all off. It apparently looked a lot like this.

  31. avatar feline1
    When I have EVER criticised the actions of the Limelight bouncers at 'The Liturgy of the Werd' tour? I found them quite measured and balanced.

    Having said that, at "Feline play FAB!" during Feline Week, they tried to eject me from the building because I took down one of my own posters after the gig as a souvenir :lol: Clawws.