1. avatar sloppyjoe
    New band from Dundee. They've put an album on Bandcamp for free download. I was just having a listen and thought I'd share. Pretty damn good.

    [url=http://fatgoth.bandcamp.com/]Fat Goth[/url]
  2. avatar Stuntman Steve
    thats pretty fuckin good
  3. avatar Renetta_Dan
    cheers for this, I'm really enjoying this :D
  4. avatar JTM
    Class stuff!
  5. avatar atomike
    This is great! Reminiscent of Malkmus at the start then unexpectedly wild!
  6. avatar Eamonn Evangelists
    Not bad at all. Ticks many of the right boxes for me anyhow.

    How did you come across them?
  7. avatar sloppyjoe
    They posted on another forum.

    [quote:fab4f02a7d="Fat Goth"]Hello everyone.

    My name is Fraser and I'm new to the board. I'm based in Dundee and play in a band called Fat Goth. We released our debut album, Mindless Crap back in May and it's available to download for free from our bandcamp page. If you're into the likes of Melvins, Jesus Lizard, The Beatles, QOTSA, etc you might find something to enjoy in what we do. Then again, maybe not. Have a listen if you get a chance:


    We played our first show a couple of weeks after the album release and we're hoping to play a few dates south of the border at somepoint in the future. If anyone would be interested in putting us on or can offer any advice then please drop us a line over on our myspace page. There's a few videos from the gig on the myspace page incase you fancy a look.


    Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy our noise :)[/quote:fab4f02a7d]
  8. avatar The Ronster
    Reminds me of King For A Day era Faith no More. Which is a really good thing.
  9. avatar adi.feud
    i dig it

    i also dig the name
  10. avatar Fat_Goth_Person
    My first post!
    Hello everyone.

    I just wanted to drop by and thank you all very much for taking the time to listen to our music and also for the kind words! The album has been out since May and unfortunately we've only found the time to do one show so far, which means the tunes haven't been reaching as many ears as we hoped. However, seeing all the recent activity on the bandcamp page is extremely encouraging and it really means a lot - so thank you!

    We have a couple of Dundee shows lined up next month and due to head back to Chime Studios in the last weekend of Oct to do a single/EP thing. If all goes to plan the new studio stuff plus recordings from the gigs will be available to download from late Oct/early Nov. I'll post something up when there's more to tell.

    Thanks again and please feel free to pass the album onto anyone else you think might like it.

    Fraser / Fat Goth
  11. avatar Fat_Goth_Person
    Hi there.

    Here's our latest offerings. Hope you enjoy:

  12. avatar anty2
    I love this band :)
  13. avatar Elliot
    This is cracking stuff, I'm genuinely enjoying it.

    Get over to northern ireland and I'll bring a plethora of wankers to cheer you on and verbally abuse you.