1. avatar dead_presidents_drummer
    Hi, just wondering if anybody knows when the council paint over and rip down the posters in belfast i.e if its every week or on mondays or fridays etc?? just i am gonna be doing a bit of postering but didn't wanna stick them up to get ripped down the next morning! Any light on the subject would be much appreciated!!

    peace and love
  2. avatar goodonpaper
  3. avatar Smallsquare
    Its a disgrace, the council is blatantly discriminating against people who plan their social lives around things they see written on abandoned buildings and bins.
  4. avatar tinpot anto
    I notice they have added "Warning: Anti-Vandal Paint IN USE" signs to the building at the top of Tates Avenue.

    Quite permanent looking things.

    I suppose it would be a bit shite for them if someone was to, say ruin an expensive coat by leaning against their wet paint, for example.
  5. avatar andyzsp
  6. avatar flightstrip
    u had a bad experience then andyzsp!lol.
    strangely i had just facebooked one of the bands that did my graveyard gig that i wanted to protest both belfast city council and stormont on the "painting over posters" issue by driving up to the gates in a cutainsider,pull back the curtains thereby revealing the loudest,smelliest most metallest (is that a word!?)band i can find,let them blast it out until the peelers come and arrest us all........sounds like a plan
    anyone lend me a curtainsider?anything up to 7.5 tonnes,i have trade insurance and friends at utv and the smellygraph!lol
  7. avatar rentaghost
    Or, if you do actually want to get something constructive done, you could write to the Assembly Environment Committee who are currently calling for evidence on the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Bill.
  8. avatar T Entertainment
    Bloody hell, I'd forgotten about that! Yet another piece of promised legislation which has taken literally years not to be passed, quelle surprise.
  9. avatar flightstrip
    yeah right rentaghost!u dont get anything done by writing letters.been there,done that.totally pointless and a waste of paper.
    i used to work in environmental health and i can tell u that,as long as these civil servant pen pushers get their payslips,they really dont give a flying fuck about us gurning about them painting over posters!
    it has been suggested many times that the council has dedicated poster sites but its too much like hard work and the council and the planning dept just cant be arsed with the paperwork and logistics.they really couldnt organise a pissup in a brewery.i have had a planning app in since 2006 and its still in a big big queue.if you think that writing letters will change anything you're living in cloud fuckin cuckoo land.
    yup,driving up in a big fuck off lorry and making a loada noise prob wont achieve much either but it will get it in the public eye and get people talking about it.plus itll be fun.....i dont get out much!
  10. avatar rentaghost
    Yep T-ent, it's finally going through. Poots is on a mission with this one. I submitted the written evidence mid-August, and have been called to appear in Nov.
  11. avatar atomike
    In an ideal world (where all gig going folk could get behind a single purpose) it could be possible to fly poster to such an extent that it would cost the council too much to deface. However, it may result in the elderly being postered prisoners of their own private dwelling.
  12. avatar T Entertainment
    Well that really IS it for postering, then. Assuming the stuff on venues being fined even if they didn't put the posters up themselves is in there. And I imagine it is...
  13. avatar die the flu
    Yeah, I agree, where has the written word ever gotten anyone?
  14. avatar flightstrip
    well it did JK Rowling alright but ive got a real hard on for some direct action rather than the passive "oo ,i'll write some mildly worded letters on recycled paper in between knitting sessions,this will show my distain.meanwhile i shall look forward to going into work tomorrow for the civil service" approach.fuck right off!
    i have offers of vehicles already....damn straight....i'll paint over fuckin city hall if i have to
  15. avatar rentaghost
    Oh it's all in there, including anti-graffiti measures. The only chink of light is that they are powers, not duties, and there are no accompanying resources to assist with enforcement.
  16. avatar T Entertainment
    One assumes that BCC will merrily spend, spend, spend in enforcing tho, they clearly have it down as a priority.
  17. avatar T Entertainment
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    I doubt you're going to top the last attempt at direct action, to be honest Flightstrip.
    Organised by regular user here The Ronster (he also did the Belfast4Haiti gig). Not only did he arrange guerilla postering, he got a load of kids to make a video about it which was a huge hit on the youtube site.
    Top that, if you can, which I seriously doubt.
    Still didn't change anything tho :(
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  18. avatar rentaghost
    Not necessarily. Everyone has limits, particularly with rates income decreasing.
  19. avatar flightstrip
    a superb effort too ron...
    i luv the way rentaghost and t ents try to carry on a sensible conversation whilst ignoring idiots like me....
    they obviously have kids!lol
  20. avatar dead_presidents_drummer
    cheers for the help guys!Basically they are not very organised and its just a lottery??lol lucky i have lots of posters then!! :D

    peace and love
  21. avatar Strong Reaction
    they seem to take them down every other day.
  22. avatar dead_presidents_drummer
    their pants or the posterS??
  23. avatar deadpresidents
  24. avatar Chi-Lite
    But Karen, do you reckon thon Bill will go through during this mandate?

    I'm sceptical, given the massive backlog of stuff that they have to get through. i was going to say "more important stuff" there, but actually it's all a big lot of pish. And I'm also sceptical about Poots staying in post post election, given that he's been a cowardly failure on absolutely every issue
  25. avatar The Ronster
    I had NOTHING to do with that. Nothing. AT ALL!

    Please don't even joke about it. I die a little inside every time I remember that someone had the notion that it was a good idea to make that video. It makes me want to punch a toddler in the face.

    I'm off to be sick in my own mouth now.
  26. avatar fastfude
    lest we forget

    <iframe class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="385" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/VXIB5KMhUjg" frameborder="0"></iframe>


    <iframe class="youtube-player" type="text/html" width="480" height="385" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/1JDc19PKAs0" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  27. avatar T Entertainment
    FFS Ron, just because you're a Big Man With A Proper Big Job In The Media, there is no need to disown your earlier efforts!
    It was a good solid try, and I know you've come a long way from then.
    But it captured a moment - a moment of people power. Not much perhaps, but a snapshot of solidarity in a city that badly needed it.
    Don't sully that memory because you're too cool now :S
  28. avatar The Ronster
    Literally laughing out loud at that. In spite of myself.
  29. avatar rentaghost
    Marty, it has 26 council and cross party support, so I'm guessing yes. Think the Waste and Contaminated Land amendments will go through too. I want the Reorganisation Bill to go through but I reckon I've two hopes of that. I have a meeting with Boylan tomorrow afternoon about all the planning stuff, so I'll maybe see you at some stage.