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  1. avatar Andrew
    Damage Central presents


    + [b:50cd897148][url=www.thedangerfields.com]THE DANGERFIELDS[/url][/b:50cd897148]
    + [b:50cd897148][url=www.thedeadendsluts.tk]THE DEADEND SLUTS[/url][/b:50cd897148]
    + [b:50cd897148][url=www.mellowdramatic.tk]MELLOW DRAMATIC[/url][/b:50cd897148]

    Tuesday 13 Sept 2005
    Rosetta Bar, Belfast
    Doors 7pm, tickets £15 on sale soon...

  2. avatar Shortlist
    Count me there! Could someone give me a wee email whenever the tickets do go on sale please? I couldnt get up the last time they played even though andy sent me a bunch of flyers to hand out :(


    Cheers :lol:
  3. avatar David McLaughlin
    Get da fuck in!!!!!!!!!!

    last year's gig was amazing
  4. avatar Shortlist
    thank god Graves isn't there though...ugh! :x
  5. avatar Baronation
  6. avatar ssmcmullan
    Misfits were great last time, it'll be good to see them at The Rosetta on the big stage with a good sound. I'm glad Marky Ramone isn't with them this time he's a dick. Will Dez have T-shirts again?
  7. avatar JohnnyTheFox
  8. avatar doomsmoker
    'decent venue' :shock: seriously? ya think? I think it has one of the worst sounds of any venue in belfast and you rarely get a decent crowd up there. Nearly every band i've heard in there has a drum sound like Phi Collins 'coming in the air tonight' !! :x
  9. avatar Andrew
    In my opinion, the Rosetta has by far the best sound of all the small/medium sized venues in Belfast. The layout is also far superior to anywhere else - no pillars, angles, alcoves and plenty of room onstage. It can be hard to get a crowd up there for local/unknown bands but I don't think the Misfits will have any problems...
  10. avatar Fusion Belfast
    The sound in the Rosetta is second to none, which is unsurprising given the amount of effort spent on getting the sound spot on. Any time I have Dj'd there the sound is fantastic.

  11. avatar churchwarden
    The rosetta is one of the best venues in Belfast..actually come to think of it the sound in the Rosetta has always been much better than at several of the larger commercial venues which echo like empty barns.

    The lights are also great and Andy is v. helpful

    I know people whinge about the Rosetta claiming it is sooo far away...it is only at the top of ormeau road - deserves to be packed every night
  12. avatar Baronation
    The Rossettas awkward location is a small price to pay for the amazing sound you get in the place.

    It's the best sound on stage and off stage you can get in Belfast bar none!

    Cream jumpers a go go!
  13. avatar ChristBaitRising
    I'm there with bells on .... Rosetta aint so far to travel .... last years gig was superlative .....
  14. avatar JohnnyTheFox
    [quote:432c1d748f="doomsmoker"]'decent venue' :shock: seriously? ya think? I think it has one of the worst sounds of any venue in belfast and you rarely get a decent crowd up there. Nearly every band i've heard in there has a drum sound like Phi Collins 'coming in the air tonight' !! :x[/quote:432c1d748f]

    :shock: :shock: :shock: YEA, I DO THINK :shock: :shock: :shock:
    I Worked In The Place For Abot 6 Months And Every Gig There Was A Decent Crowd.
  15. avatar Andrew
    Tickets now on sale [url=www.wegottickets.com/event/6501]here[/url]. We should have 'em in the shops (Hector's House, Virgin, Rosetta) by early next week.
  16. avatar danbastard
    The Rosetta's a great venue. All the gigs I've played and been to there have had great sound and lighting. It's absolutely fucking freezing, though.

    The Misfits gig in the Limelight last year was brilliant, and I think this one could be better (even though there's no Marky Ramone leather jackets on sale for £1000). It'll be good to see the misfits on a big stage and in a better laid out venue.
  17. avatar Daz
    Do they want to play radiation?
  18. avatar ChristBaitRising
    YAY!!! I got mine
  19. avatar Andrew
    [quote:18ed0506f0]Do they want to play radiation?[/quote:18ed0506f0]

    Only if Diamond Dave takes 'em for coffee first.
  20. avatar Daz
    Ahh Clements Ahh!
  21. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    "ahh" fuck off "ahh"
  22. avatar EPK
    [quote:586ff87592]I think it has one of the worst sounds of any venue in belfast[/quote:586ff87592]
    I think a trip to the audiologist for wax removal's in order.
  23. avatar Meerium
    gotta add my disagreement to the comment about the rosetta's sound.

    the sound is fantastic. all the rosetta suffers from is people under the weird and mistaken belief that it's in the back end of nowhere. it's two minutes from the pavillion and the errigle, and it's a fantastic gig space.

    last band i saw there were the wonderful zombina and the skeletones. they're a liverpool band, so i know their set and whatnot well, having heard them many times. that was easily the best i've ever heard them. it wasn't that they were musically any different, it was just the venue sound.
  24. avatar ASP
    No Glen Danzig?? Disgrace
  25. avatar Andrew
    As much as Danzig is a genius and was the brains behind early Misfits, trust me - they're doin' fine without him.

    Setlist from a recent show in Germany:

    Earth A.D.
    Horror Business
    Hybrid Moments
    Some Kinda Hate
    Teenagers From Mars
    Astro Zombies
    I Turned Into A Martian
    20 Eyes
    Six Pack (Black Flag)
    Static Age
    Hollywood Babylon
    London Dungeon
    Abominable Dr. Phibes
    American Psycho
    Walk Among Us
    From Hell They Came
    Dig Up Her Bones
    Thirsty And Miserable (Black Flag)
    Kong At The Gates
    The Forbidden Zone
    No More (Black Flag)
    Last Caress
    American Nightmare
    We Are 138
    --- --- --- --- --- ---
    Green Hell
    Rise Above (Black Flag)
    Queen Wasp
    Death Comes Ripping
    Die, Die My Darling
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  26. avatar ChristBaitRising
    I got that last Danzig album there a month or two ago ..... and tis a woeful cacophany indeed .....
  27. avatar arcane nemesis
    Ah Glenn Danzig the bastard son of Elvis. "mutha. uh huh huh. Thank you verra mush, tell your children not to walk my way....." Have to admit though his new stuff is pish and the Misfits are still the fucking Misfits and will outlive Danzig and his hamburgers.
  28. avatar JohnnyTheFox
    Kong And Forbidden Zone, Astro Zombies And Hybrid Moments, Looking Forward To Them Live :lol: :lol: :lol:
  29. avatar mcstick
    [quote:b6196bff1b="doomsmoker"]'decent venue' :shock: seriously? ya think? I think it has one of the worst sounds of any venue in belfast and you rarely get a decent crowd up there. Nearly every band i've heard in there has a drum sound like Phi Collins 'coming in the air tonight' !! :x[/quote:b6196bff1b]

    Well, there you go! No accounting for opinion

  30. avatar peasant*in*paradise
    can´t wait for this. thank god marky ramones gone. only is a bit of a twat though too. all them tank tops, that macho posing and weight lifting. although, that turns me on a bit.

    we are 138!!

    edit. i am 138
  31. avatar Andrew
    [url=www.wegottickets.com/event/6501]Tickets selling fast![/url]
  32. avatar mark lanegan
    ahhh feck, i was in two minds about this one, but the black flag songs on teh setlist have swayed me!
  33. avatar The Ronster
    Ah jesus I love the Misfits more than life itself (indeed, they are probably my favourite thing ever, besides possibly Johnny Cash), but I have NO interest in seeing a purported 'Misfits' without Danzig.

    Queen without Mercury?
    Nirvana without Kurt?
    Pixies without Black?
    Smiths without Morrissey?

    Then why bother with a band that doesn't feature the only member who wrote ANY of their original songs? Call it what it is - a Misfits Tribute Band. In that case I wouldn't complain.

    And Jerry Only is a tool. Not to say that Danzig isn't one as well, but at least he used to be a talented tool. Which is something Only can never claim.

    Maybe I should stop ranting about this subject though, I know no-one really gives a shit about the integrity of my teenage ideals. I just despair that old men are so determined to milk past glories for all they are worth. Which goes for EVERY 'band' of this type.
  34. avatar Andrew
    I take it you aren't up for collecting them from the airport then?
  35. avatar The Ronster
    Ah depends when it is squire. I'll help out with a gig as always, just have no interest in said gig.

    Two separate issues entirely.
  36. avatar Davy Cho
    The Rosey always has great sound sir. The Boy Andy knows his stuff.
    Sure what's a couple of quid in a taxi? Great wee venue.

  37. avatar Strong Reaction
    Rosetta does have a good sound, and isn't as out of the way as most people think, but in this city, if it ain't on your doorstep people won't go.

    I think I might give this a miss, though I dunno. As much as I love the old stuff the band does seem to be a bit of a circus these days.
  38. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    I'll be skipping it too. Last time round it was brilliant but it was a case of 'I won't ever get to see a full line up might aswell enjoy the pantomime' and A great night it was. Still, S'gonna be the same this time round. Not like they've got any new material.. Asides from the Knutley Brass :lol:

    I won't be seeing you there!
  39. avatar Andrew
  40. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    glynn job? s'a good 'un
  41. avatar Andrew
    Some photos from last year's Limelight show, courtesy of Graeme Gigmonkey...

    [img:ec8170e90b]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/AndrewGriswold/misfits_1.jpg[/img:ec8170e90b] [img:ec8170e90b]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/AndrewGriswold/misfits_2.jpg[/img:ec8170e90b]
    [img:ec8170e90b]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/AndrewGriswold/misfits_4.jpg[/img:ec8170e90b] [img:ec8170e90b]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b16/AndrewGriswold/misfits_3.jpg[/img:ec8170e90b]

    Tickets should be in Virgin and Hector's by this afternoon, and they're still selling well at www.wegottickets.com

    This is sure to be a sellout so be quick or be dead, people!
  42. avatar ryankozzi
    [quote:f8a72b15f6="ssmcmullan"] it'll be good to see them at The Rosetta on the big stage with a good sound....[/quote:f8a72b15f6]

    ive played the big stage. it isnt that big and the sound wasnt that great. :roll:
  43. avatar Handsome Gaz
    eh?? Rosie has easily the best sound in Belfast!
  44. avatar tinpot anto
    By a good measure too.

    'cept maybe Gerry Bannon.
  45. avatar gavinearly
    [quote:ef0da1858b]it isnt that big[/quote:ef0da1858b]

    Awh, come on, the stage is a fair size. Thes only venues I can think of with bigger stages would be the Odyssey, The Waterfront and Ulster Hall.

    The night you played there musta been an off night, because the sound is usually 110%. Andy is one of the most knowledgable and precise sound engineers I've ever come across and every time I've played there the sound quality has been top drawer.
  46. avatar Andrew
    Tickets are now [i:33fe84e58e]finally[/i:33fe84e58e] on sale from Hector's House and Virgin, and we should have some with the Rosetta by tomorrow evening at the latest. Based on the amount of emails, calls and texts we've had from people wanting tickets, this is gonna sell out f*ckin' fast...
  47. avatar ryankozzi
    Andy is a spot on bloke. And when its comes to sound he knows his stuff. But i mean the venue not the sound. its a tiny dark dank venue its just my opinion ...it holds 50 people max. we played at last years air guitar thing which the same auld boy wins every year simply because hes a rocket :lol:

    i think the new S&A in the limelight is much better for live bands
  48. avatar Andrew
    The legal capacity is actually 300...
  49. avatar ryankozzi
    i stand corrected.
  50. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    Are you clinically insane?!

    The stage in the rosetta is around the same size as SPAB if not slightly bigger it's better arranged at least, plus it's not at a god awful angle. the sound in the spring and airbrake is great if your a band with four bassists and a keyboardist playing low octaves only. maybe the occasional defening treble scream thrown in for confusion sakes.

    Are you sure you played the rosetta and not a garage on the rosetta road?!
  51. avatar ryankozzi
    erm.....frankly no. it was the rosetta im sure of it. i think i know where we gigged without you telling me :lol:

    it is definately a [b:769af70ee0]metal[/b:769af70ee0] venue. we were playing rock like van halen and whitesnake. it didnt go down as well as we wanted it to - although well delivered. i love going to gigs there but hated playing it. no big deal.

    THE MISFITS! Should be a really good gig but they will need to wrap the career up very soon or they will end up like blaze bayley. oh dear.....the where are they now file.
  52. avatar ssmcmullan
    Misfits definately won't be going the way of Blaze any time soon. They prooved critics wrong before with the Michale Graves albums, I reckon they can do it again.
  53. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    project 1950?!
    knutley brass?!
  54. avatar gavinearly
    I would actually have quite liked to go to this gig. I was downloading some of their stuff today and I actually really like them. Shame I won't be in Belfast... :cry:
  55. avatar Andrew
    Yeah they're f*cking great. Surprised you hadn't heard 'em before.

    Only 15 tickets left online! We've had purchases from 'fiends' in Dublin, Cork, Galway and all over N. Ireland as well as Wales, Scotland and England. Tickets also selling fast from Virgin, Hector's and the Rosie!

  56. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    [quote:dd82fbada2]it is definately a metal venue[/quote:dd82fbada2]

    So your suggesting that Andy is only capable of getting the 'right' sound for metal bands?!

    Sorry but thats absurd, Being that I've played there in more than one band and never once been in a metal band I found that sentiment somewhat hard to stomach.

    Theres another thread on this forum somewhere, Regarding the best venue in belfast, I think you'll notice alot of people from various genre specific viewpoints mention the rosetta

    Either way *shrugs*

    Bring on the misfits! :-D
  57. avatar Handsome Gaz
    have to say andys always got me incredible sound and im just a voice and guitar. He always manages to make me sound amaaaazin.
  58. avatar Andrew
    This show is headin' for a sellout so if you have yet to buy tickets, you better run!

    Stage times:

    MELLOW DRAMATIC : 1915 - 1945
    DEADEND SLUTS : 2000 - 2030
    DANGERFIELDS : 2045 - 2130
    MISFITS : 2200 - 2330
  59. avatar Gilmore
    They shouldnt even call themselves the Misfits, its basically a whole new band. Fair enough they play Misfits songs and Jerrys an original member but sure wasnt there a AC/DC tribute band playen in belfast a while back and their drummer used to be in AC/DC? I think it was an ACDC 1 anyway, i duno cuz i hate them, but he could have just called it 'AC/DC 2' or somethin but they call themselves a tribute.

    Marky Ramone should have been kept in the band, him and Jerry would do great milken the fúck out of Ramones and Misfits merchandise what with Jerry keepin under the name Misfits and Marky releasen new Ramones DVDs filled with video clips from the 'Marky Ramone Video Library'.

    I heard Marky charges for autographs, any1 know anything of this?

    As much as i love both the Misfits and the Ramones, i still think they should give it a break because all their really doin is becomen more and more like sell-outs... soon they'll reach the 'Ozzy Osbourne' stage of selling out
  60. avatar ssmcmullan
    Yeah they should just get jobs in call centres. Oh hang the fuck on, They are still fucking good musicians who have infulenced millions of people. I think it's better that Robo is back in the fold, at least he was in the Misfits before Danzig left.

    Marky Ramone may be an asshole but he is a kickass drummer. He definately doesn't charge for autographs tho, I got him to sign some of my Ramones stuff no problems.

    Doyle will probably be back soon too (he has had an injury and a new kid to deal with). I've seen the Misfits twice with Marky and they were still really good, I didn't hear a single person criticize their performence.

    Bands shouldn't just fall over and die because a key member leaves/dies. If that happened AC/DC wouldn't have released some of their best stuff.
  61. avatar T Entertainment
    Griswold told me at the weekend that - hilariously - Jerry Only bought the logo and name off Glenn Danzig for half of any ensuing proceeds. So they're completely within their rights to call themselves The Misfits and in doing so they keep Glenn in hair restoring cream and muscle oil.
    That hasn't stopped this basically selling out (or very close to), much like all the members of the Misfits, apparently.
    So who gives a f*ck?!
  62. avatar Andrew
    Not me. The current Misfits is a great live show but the sooner Jerry gets back with Doyle and Danzig the better. A new Misfits album from those three would be immense. Doyle has been playing in Danzig's solo band lately so you never know...
  63. avatar captain a
    [quote:bcc4ff9769="T Entertainment"].... Jerry Only bought the logo and name off Glenn Danzig for half of any ensuing proceeds....[/quote:bcc4ff9769]

    I've got a misfits hat thats quite comfortable.
  64. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    Thats £1 each for every pair of Misfits shoelaces sold!
  65. avatar Strong Reaction
    Jerry Only Skull Busters?
  66. avatar Andrew
    The Misfits have arrived and are currently tearing England a new asshole. This is Robo's first tour of the UK and he is by all accounts doing a f*cking excellent job. Monday's Camden Underworld show has already passed into rock'n'roll legend!

    A handful of tickets for Belfast are still available from Virgin, Hector's House and online at [url=http://www.wegottickets.com/event/6501]www.wegottickets.com[/url].
  67. avatar gl2200
    [quote:4423c80dd0="Andrew Griswold"]The Misfits have arrived and are currently tearing England a new asshole. [/quote:4423c80dd0]

    Why does England need a new asshole when it still has Coventry?
  68. avatar foamboy
    New avatar test. Mind yer own.
  69. avatar Shortlist
    Andys right, faster they get back with Doyle and Danzig the better. None of Graves material even comes close to the Danzig-era stuff.
  70. avatar Andrew
    From today's Irish News (click image to view full-size):

  71. avatar Mexico
    I thought your guy on the left was bono :shock:
  72. avatar rentaghost
    it's his long lost brother , mono!
  73. avatar gl2200
    "29 year long legacy of brutality"

    1977 + 29 = 2006?
  74. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    the irish news seems to be a bit like that, I think it's a case of *STOP PRESS LADS* [i:7f5b391c30]lets all get drunk before we do our final proof[/i:7f5b391c30] *print*
  75. avatar livemusicpics.com
    [quote:006241492e]"29 year long legacy of brutality"

    1977 + 29 = 2006?[/quote:006241492e]

    does counting 1977 and 2005 not make it 29 years?
  76. avatar Strong Reaction
    My favouite's the bald dude.
  77. avatar Andrew
    The Misfits actually formed in January 1977, although Jerry didn't join until March. So technically it is closer to 29 years than 28 - if you ignore the fact they split up for 11 years in the middle!
  78. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    sure the queen has her jubilee and parts of her aren't original! *shrugs*
  79. avatar Andrew
    Everybody calm down and enjoy this picture of Jerry [i:268f6bf3b5]sans[/i:268f6bf3b5] garb:

  80. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
  81. avatar danbastard
    I'm sure he'll be wearing a similar expression when he's dumped in Mully's grubby flat to eat some half-cooked curry dribblings.
  82. avatar The Ronster
    I am so turning up at the airport dressed like that, lute in hand.

    Then I shall hug Jerry and never, ever let go.
  83. avatar danbastard
    Which Misfit will have to do without a seat, and sit in the back of Ron's van on a big pile of spanners? Place your bets now.
  84. avatar King Canute
    That misfits fella in that picture looks like he has had some vile sex in his time.
  85. avatar ssmcmullan
    [quote:f8949bb3d3]Which Misfit will have to do without a seat, and sit in the back of Ron's van on a big pile of spanners? Place your bets now.[/quote:f8949bb3d3]

    Dez? Dribblings?
  86. avatar goatboy
    [quote:8db32b9f07="danbastard"]Which Misfit will have to do without a seat, and sit in the back of Ron's van on a big pile of spanners? Place your bets now.[/quote:8db32b9f07]

    Is Ron not picking them up in his Lotus or whatever the fuck he has? :lol:
  87. avatar Andrew
    The Misfits land at 0905. Ron's blue van is rattling down the M2 as we speak!
  88. avatar EPK
    Cider in Botanic gardens later, then?
    I've a dog on a piece of string you can borrow.
  89. avatar The Ronster
    And EPK [i:abc31cc9a2]spectacularly [/i:abc31cc9a2]confuses what sort of punk the Misfits are.
  90. avatar whosbainejakey
    Attention, Fiends: Here's the dirty wee e-mail Q&A I did with Jerry that got lost in the cyber ether somewhere around deadline time last week. I guess our firewall thought his responses were too damn evil for human consumption (or smtg)...

    > Last night in London (Monday) was the first show of the current UK tour.
    > By the time you read this you'll have blown a hole in the Black Country and
    > will be thinking about destroying Milton Keynes. Are these the first shows
    > with the new Robo-ized line up?

    [b:c83b02db9a]No, Robo has been back with us playing shows again since June 2005.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > How have they been going so far and is there a recognizably different vibe
    from the shows with Marky?

    [b:c83b02db9a]The shows have been going great and yes, there is a harder, thrashier vibe

    > (shorter sound-checks I bet!)

    [b:c83b02db9a]Yes sound checks are usually 5 songs and we're good to go. We know what we want and we know how to achieve it. It's just a matter of making sure
    everything at the venue's set up is running as it should. Sound checks
    always vary based on the house equipment.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > What are your memories of the time when Robo first
    > hooked up with the band back in the day?

    [b:c83b02db9a]When we first hooked with Robo I was actually in a car accident and spent
    about a month in the hospital so pain would probably be the first memories
    that come to mind (laughs).[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > You're touring with 45 Grave, a band who were surely inspired by
    > yourselves back in the day, and you'll also be hooking up with your
    > Japanese proteges Balzac towards Halloween time. With a bill like that
    > you're almost delivering a "Fiend package show." Is that an intentional
    > move to give fans a great night out?

    [b:c83b02db9a]Yes it's always our intention to give the fans a great night out regardless
    of who we play with but in this case definitely. You might say this is a
    mini "Fiend Fest".[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > When I saw the band before, I was struck by the sense of unity between
    > band and audience. Does that sense of creating a shared experience help >you perform - are you aware of it onstage?

    [b:c83b02db9a]Most definitely. That's really what gets you through the more difficult gigs
    based on heat and stamina. The fans are really where the band has always
    drawn their strength from, and I'm happy to see it's that evident.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    >How did the recent Misfits meets The Nutley Brass album come about?

    [b:c83b02db9a]John (Cafiero) came up with the idea while he was directing the Ramones Raw DVD. He mentioned it to me and I thought it sounded cool so I gave it my seal of approval. From there on it was all John working it out with the
    Nutley Brass, Basil and basically directing everyone involved to create the
    CD and packaging that's in stores now. There's more background info on how
    it came about in the liner notes of the Fiend Club Lounge CD as well.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > Have fans been digging it?
    Most definitely. Have a look at www.misfits.com to see what a lot of the
    fans and reviewers have had to say including some comments from Franche'
    Coma and myself.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > Any plans to incorporate a lounge section into the current live set (perhaps
    > between Nervous Breakdown and Death Comes Ripping?)

    [b:c83b02db9a]No, (laughs). It is what it is, great fun. All the lounge music on the CD is
    performed by the Nutley Brass, not us so that would be a tough one! Fiend
    Club Lounge is basically a Misfits tribute CD performed by the Nutley Brass.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > It's been six years since the last Misfits studio album of original
    > material. Will you be back in the studio soon? By now you must have a bunch of song ideas just waiting to be hammered out. Will you be singing? It sounds good live...

    [b:c83b02db9a]Yes we will be back in the studio soon. We plan to take things to the next
    level with our new material and it's intensity on the next album.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    [b:c83b02db9a]Thanks, I'm glad you're like what you're hearing. Well I'd already committed
    lead vocals to vinyl for the split CD we did with Balzac called "Day the
    Earth Caught Fire" which came out in 2001 as well as our full length special
    project album "Misfits Project 1950" that came out in 2003. I was really
    honored to learn that our 50's album was the highest charting Misfits album

    > Are you still happy with the two records you did in the 90s with Mr
    > Graves? Personally I think they still stand up well today.

    [b:c83b02db9a]Yes, so do I. That was definitely a progression with the return of the band
    in the 90's. I agree those albums still stand up and now the progression
    will continue.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > The band were/are inspired by classic horror and sci-fi movies and TV.
    > Do you have any time for modern horror and sci-fi? If so what are your
    > favourite/least favourite things you've seen lately?

    [b:c83b02db9a]It's tough to keep up with current releases sometimes because we tour so
    intensively but I notice a lot of the horror scene seems to revolve around
    remakes of great old classics. Horror never gets old. More recently I
    enjoyed both The Ring and the Grudge (haven't seen the Ring 2 yet because
    like I said, we've been so busy touring) and I'm still looking forward to
    seeing War of the Worlds and Land of the dead[/b:c83b02db9a].

    > When you're not touring with the band, how much of your time does the
    > Misfits take up? Are you constantly focused on the next band related
    > project or do you manage to find time to live a "normal" life once in a while?

    [b:c83b02db9a]No, not really I wish I did. Lets just say the Misfits is a full time job
    and then some.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > What's the oddest piece of Misfits merchandise ever produced?

    [b:c83b02db9a]It hasn't been made yet.[/b:c83b02db9a]

    > Sum up the Misfits in three words?

    [b:c83b02db9a]Monsters Music and Mayhem[/b:c83b02db9a]


    Cool, eh? However, he neglected to answer this all important question:

    > I see Doyle has been touring with Danzig and performing Misfits covers >recently. Are you cool with this, and what are the chances of us ever seeing >a Jerry / Glenn / Doyle Misfits line-up doing something in the future? Have >those bridges been well and truly burned?

    Nor did he respond to this burning enquiry:

    >Did Marky ever sell any of his £1,000 leather jackets on the last UK tour?

    Can't have it all I guess!
  91. avatar Andrew
    [quote:cca7426969]Cider in Botanic gardens later, then?[/quote:cca7426969]
    It's more likely to be protein shakes and a thousand bench presses at the PEC.

    Yes, folks - the Misfits have landed and are lording it up in Belfast on their only day off on this tour. The final 25 tickets have just been released through [url=http://www.wegottickets.com/event/6501]www.wegottickets.com[/url]. Virgin and Hector's might also have a few left but don't quote me on that!

    And nice Q&A, Dave! Will it be in the next AU? (laughs)
  92. avatar nonlogic liam
    I love the Rosetta stage and anyone who has ever played there will know what an annoying and time consuming thing sound checks are due to andy's dedication. True, it may be cold and the toilets a bit medieval but it's my sort of place and I have never had any qualms about going there to see the bands I wanted to see. I'm sure the Misfits sound will be as good as adler's appetite and blaze bailey's, both of which were amazing.
  93. avatar ssmcmullan
    Fuck Yeah! Misfits will be kicking ass in less than 24 hours, they are really excited after last year's Belfast gig. It was Only's favourite of the UK dates.
  94. avatar Andrew
    Yep, the band are currently enjoying some beauty sleep while their tour manager raises merry hell with Wasp and Rayalan at India Street. The man is a grub and a legend.

    Jerry Only, Dez and Robo are in fine, fiendish form and ready to kick our asses. Lots of cool merch with them too!

    Doors open 1900 and the mayhem begins at 1930. Still a few tickets available at [url=http://www.wegottickets.com/event/6501]www.wegottickets.com[/url]
  95. avatar EPK
    Actually, Ron.....I was referring to Griswold, not the Misfits.
    I [i:f046da5853]know[/i:f046da5853] just what they're like...and I'll be there.
    I just want to see Griswold off his face again.
    With a dog.
    BTW...I've seen the specs...they want 125 db on stage or they call the show off.
    I'd wear ear protection, and stay outside as well..if you want to liiiivvveeeeee.
    That's the same level as a chain saw.
    Max. recommended exposure to that level of sound is 1 minute.
  96. avatar Andrew
    The Misfits like it loud.
  97. avatar danbastard
  98. avatar T Entertainment
    Try and make it down at 8 for the Sluts!
  99. avatar whosbainejakey

    The Rolling Stones endorse this product/event.
  100. avatar goatboy
    They are only endorsing it because they heard there would be Sluts there.
  101. avatar Andrew
    There will be a few tickets at the door so everybody get down there!
  102. avatar Baronation
    great gig, great sound, great bands, great fun.

    I'm still puzzled by the number of people who go to gigs with back packs though. I thought people realised in the late 90's that gigs and school camping trips where two different things.
  103. avatar MIKE G J ANDREWS
    So my amp wasn't blown up then?
  104. avatar huggy baps
    [quote:3beb13dc76="Baronation"]I'm still puzzled by the number of people who go to gigs with back packs though. I thought people realised in the late 90's that gigs and school camping trips where two different things.[/quote:3beb13dc76]

    didnt you know, they keep their white ben sherman shirts and tight jeans in them, for when they change in the bogs for going to the M Club
  105. avatar ChristBaitRising
    top stuff last night ..... I do howver second the restricting of little girls being restricted to one piece of luggage as I did indeed go arse over tit due to a small pile of said luggage and wasted most of a pint ..... dreadful stuff ...

    I almost had to call my 'towel roadie' ....
  106. avatar David McLaughlin
    What a gig!?! The Misfits were just class.

    Last year's show in the Limelight was great so I went last night thinking it might be a bit of a let down and it was anything but. Chuffed I got to see them again.

    Back next year?

    Passing a bottle of Buckfast around with Dez Cadena in the back of Ron's van has to count as one of the more surreal moments of my life.
  107. avatar danbastard
    Great show. Well done to that bastard Andrew for bringing 'em back! Same again next year, I hopes.
  108. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    Annual (anal) Misfiting sounds good to me, Again, I was reluctant to go last night, I presumed that it would be the same pantomime minus the ramones songs, I am currently eating my hat (and yes andrew, my 'gay fringe') as last night totally bettered the year previous!

    I thought mellow dramatic were on top form aswell and with beaker singing alot of the material now the performance has definately been built upon, As discussion had it earlier we reckon that tour did you bastards well! Congrats!

    'The Sluts were wonderous and while not to my personal tastes musically I thought they put on an amazing show and definately are more knowledgeable about performing, both musically and visually than pretty much all their competition locally, In my opinion!

    The Dangerfields, As pointed out by fellow 'ex-dfs' seeing them for the first time after you leave is always slightly surreal, So it was a little strange to be hearing the songs i've been playing for the guts of a year from an audience point of view but I was back in the enjoyment seat and Ben definately looks comfortable and integral to the band on stage! I can admit I wasn't always entertaining to watch! heh, T'was a good set though, I wanted to see that damn backdrop mind!

    The Misfits... Everything you could have wanted, They were the Misfits, and anyone that says they didn't enjoy it, Clearly didn't like 'em beforehand, T'was a great show and thoroughly nice fiends the lot of them!

    All in all a great night and I'm glad I prised myself out of hibernation for once

    Cheers again you beforeheaded prick
  109. avatar Shortlist
    The gig was amazing, really really amazing! I only caught the end of Mellow Dramatic but from what I heard they sounded great, I was quite surprised by the deadend sluts but I thought they were a little too gothic/metal for the gig but great all the same. The dangerfields kicked ass as always, even if Ben was wearing a thong :lol: :shock:
    And the misfits? What can i say other than "The Misfits"...
  110. avatar Shortlist
    Oh and THANKS ANDY!!! :P
  111. avatar EPK
    A top gig.
    Great crowd, four great bands, and Andy Allen almost having a heart attack behind the desk.
    I mean, what more could you ask for?
    Kudos to Griswold for making it all happen so beautifully.
    Rock n'Roll, baby!!!!!!
  112. avatar The Ronster
    At last I can sleep.

    Oh no, wait - I have to go to work as usual.

    It was a fun few days of 'Fits fun, I especially liked Jerry Only telling the kids that he'd never let them down (they're his children you know...), only 24 hours after telling Griswold and the rest of us that his Ma wanted him to come home cause she was scared for him, and that he couldn't risk playing!

    Poor Mama Only!

    Also picking the Misfits and crew in the back of my van at 4.30 am was class, especially since Jerry claimed the front seat, and then bent my ear about the presidency for the whole journey (apparently he isn't a 'Punk Conservative' like Michael Graves was). Dez Cadena wasn't allowed to talk (I think he has some sort of agreement with Jerry that he's only allowed to speak when spoken to, and Jerry can hit him when he wants). Robo sat on a bag of self-leveller, lloking for all the world like a trained ape (a drummer basically).

    Such larks! - I hope to have some photos later, but here is a golden oldie.
  113. avatar Andrew
    Well, [i:0c2982c077]that[/i:0c2982c077] rocked!!:D

    When I was sitting in the Travelodge on Brunswick Street on Monday night, desperately trying to convince Jerry and Tank (tour manager) that they weren't gonna get shot at/blown up/knifed/blinded, it was all starting to look a bit grim. Thankfully, one trip to the Rosetta, a few pints with Mr Allen and an afternoon in Forbidden Planet was all it took to show they were in no danger and that they shouldn't hotfoot it back to England, devilocks between legs!!

    To be fair, Jerry was primarily concerned for the safety of his fans and just needed to be reassured that no loyalist riots were gonna spill into the venue. Once we'd got 'em up to the Rosetta, they were stars - hanging out with fans, signing anything that was put in front of 'em and generally being the nice f*cking guys that they are. Dez and Robo enjoyed dinner and punk porn at India Street while Jerry did his push-ups and vocal exercises at the hotel, then it was back to the Rosie for the best punk rock show I've seen since, well, the last time the Misfits were over.

    Hats off to the good people of Belfast, NI, Ireland and beyond for not allowing a bit of random street violence to interfere with their rock'n'roll. We only had a few requests for refunds (chickens!!) and we had hardy souls travelling from Aberdeen, Falkirk, Galway, Dublin, Meath and Cork. Kudos.

    The almighty Deadend Sluts and Mellow Dramatic were great openers, although MD could've done without that f*cking Rancid cover (bit of a kids' band vibe, lads). The Dangerfields set was a lot of fun. Due to the escalating pressures of the previous few days, we had no time to practice but it didn't stop us rocking like f*cking werewolves on heat. And, yes, I do say so myself.

    Sincere, heartfelt thanks to the following grubs, goons and legends for helping me pull this off:

    Andy Allen for his usual amazing job on the sound-desk. Awesome.
    EPK for helping out while he was having a minor heart attack.
    Mully for putting up 700 posters, grubbing about in the ticket shops and helping "gather" the rider.
    Adeline for lending various monies when the chips were down.
    Phil & Ashley for doing door (and Phil for not screwdrivering anyone).
    Pete Jez for cooking a lovely dinner and navigating roadblocks to get it there.
    Alex Tracer for the bass rig (UK contacts coming soon, baby).
    Mike Suki and Smurf Scrotum Pole for the guitar rigs.
    Craig "likes the occasional shandy" Debonaire for the drum kit.
    Dave Roy for the Irish News write-up (better never than late?).
    Iona for the rockin' photos (send 'em soon!).
    Rayalan & her sis for manning the DF's merch market.
    Ruairi for fitting three Misfits and one ex-wrestler into his car for the trip from the airport.
    Michael Slut for taking Dez & Robo to India Street.
    ...and, last but most definitely not least, the magnificent Ronster for driving duties well above and beyond the call of duty. This legendary maniac was awake and driving from 7am Tuesday 'til 9pm last night. Motherf*cking star.

    I can't tell you how gratifying it is to have brought this amazing, legendary band to Belfast for their only Irish show in a 100% DIY fashion. F*ck the suits, rock'n'roll is alive!!!
  114. avatar T Entertainment
    I expected at least one mathrock performance and consequently want a refund.
  115. avatar The Ronster
    Here is one of many photees from the other night:

  116. avatar EPK
    Jeez, that's a scary looking c**t.
    The guy with the glasses beside Dan.
  117. avatar Rosetta
    Aye and yer man on the left who used to be in East Enders.

    Johnny Allen is related to me and I'll be informing him of this guys whereabouts.

    Thanks to everyone for the hard work and devotion and EPK I found that disk :P

    Also must say a big big thank you to Willy T and The Rosetta's staff especially the security.

    and EVERYONE who went to the gig and had a good time.
  118. avatar Andrew
    Yeah cheers also to Willy T and the Rosetta staff. I didn't see any trouble all night. Kudos.

    Some photos courtesy of the almighty [url=www.soulfluff.com]Iona Bateman[/url]:


    The Dangerfields:

    The Deadend Sluts:
  119. avatar The Ronster
    Some pixtures form the other night there:

    Jerry shows how tough he is

    Straight after this Robo got in the van and waited patiently for the more famous members of his band to be done signing things. A trooper.

    Dez isn't allowed to talk unless Jerry says so. This makes him sad.

    Jerry with his children. Note how he is in colour and they are not. That is because the Only real thing to Jerry is himself. And Tank.

    Some Dangerfield portrait shots. Gouge out eyes now:


    Fun was had by all.
  120. avatar Andrew
    Project 1950 is your favourite album of all time.
  121. avatar The Ronster
    Don't start!

    Here - reply to that text I sent you.
  122. avatar Andrew
    No probs, baby.

    From [url=www.misfits.com]www.misfits.com[/url]:

    [quote:faf0432eff]The Misfits have just returned from their tour of England, Wales and Ireland. Nearly every show on the tour was sold out beyond capacity. Despite some of the recent civil unrest that witnessed some of the most violent rioting to take place in Belfast, Ireland, the Misfits refused to disappoint fans and traveled in against the recommendations of those looking out for the band's safety and well being. Needless to say the show went off without a hitch and all the audiences were fantastic on this highly successful tour. Reviews, fan response and intensity of the band are at an all time high. When Jerry, Dez and Robo hit your city, don't miss it fiends, you will not be disappointed. The Misfits are performing more ferociously than ever! We'll see you in the U.S. and Canada this fall.[/quote:faf0432eff]
  123. avatar danbastard
    We're his kids, don't you know.
  124. avatar Andrew
    Jerry's Kids?
  125. avatar T Entertainment
    Tee hee - nice to see them go from bottling it to now playing on in the face of civil war.
  126. avatar ssmcmullan
    Yeah, there was nothing that could stop them from playing, well unless it got a wee bit nippy outside.
  127. avatar danbastard
    Mully, sure what would you say if you got a phone call from someones parents saying 'my kid went to your show and now he's blind'?
  128. avatar ssmcmullan
    I'd say "take your blind kid and f.uck off!"
  129. avatar Baronation
    Does Jerry Only often go around blinding people?
  130. avatar ssmcmullan
    Yes, with his horrific wab!
  131. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    jesus I hate you.. I hate it more than how predictable you are!
  132. avatar danbastard
    Simmer down.
  133. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
    okay, I expected that to come from andy, well done dan!
  134. avatar ssmcmullan
    Tidy up!
  135. avatar Ctrl Alt Deceit
  136. avatar danbastard
  137. avatar sazchops
  138. avatar nonlogic liam
    everyone please fu*ck up. Ahhhhhhhh Routines, Ahhhhhhhhhh banter........
  139. avatar Andrew
    Get back in your closet, quirky boy.
  140. avatar sazchops
    this is worse than my birthday.
  141. avatar outcomethepunx
    i remember this show it was incredible!