1. avatar columthealmighty
    My first post!
    Hi my name's Colum from Belfast and I'm an aspiring DJ/music producer

    I'm trying to decide what music technology college to go to, and I was wondering if there are any you would reccomend and if it's a good idea to go on these type of courses at all?

    Here are the two courses i have my eye on at Manchester Midi School:

    A 9 month diploma in Music Construction & Production:


    A 3 month DJing course:

    Any ideas? please get in touch :)
  2. avatar feline1
    Manchester MIDI school is no Birmingham School of Business School by The Fall, which in turn is no Page 3 School by Viz Comic.
  3. avatar JTM
    Go for the diploma. Spend only the time and effort you need to barely pass the course, spend the rest of the time meeting and getting to know like-minded people in the industry in the area, and also starting to build up your repetoire of techniques, samples, sounds, contacts and everything else you REALLY need to be a DJ/producer by experimenting with whatever you can blag your hands on.

    The 3 month course doesn't sound like good value - Everything I learned about the practical side of DJ-ing can be condensed into the following:

    1. Have a good ear
    2. Learn to mix
    3. Locate sources of new tunes and sounds - befriend other local producers and DJs, and sources of music.
    4. Spend hours at the weekend when your mates are at the bar trawling for 3 second samples of cool shit.
    5. Learn the basics of audio engineering, preferably from other established producers
    6. Innovate
    7. Work HARD at all of the above.
    8. Promote yourself relentlessly
    9. Have fun.

    Go for the diploma, it'll give you time to play with gear and learn the trade.
  4. avatar feline1
    yeah but be careful in Manchester cos it's full of crackheads, mentalists, druglords, gaylords, canals, that bloke off The Word, and Coronation Street. Although at least the trains run all night to the rest of Lancs and Yorkshire.
  5. avatar JTM
    Mad For It, Our Kid.

    Manchester's grand, so. How's Brighton doing ya?
  6. avatar EWCraig
    Derry college does a djing course i think? It might conincide with the technology course.

    If you look it up you might find it.