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Graveyard Gig
  1. avatar flightstrip
    ;) Its been a few months since my live lounge gig so i thought id put this out there.
    Ive another big fuck off bungalow in the countryside and my back garden neighbours are decomposed fucking corpses,ie.A graveyard dating back to medieval times.
    I want to put on a party/gig inside my house with a theme of DEATH.
    The house is in an unfinished state so i dont give a fuck about getting it messed up.
    I will provide the PA etc,u bring your own booze.couple o squid to cover electric,food etc.
    The upstairs (its a chalet bungalow!)is the designated sleeping area for those wishing to sleep adjacent to the dead!
    Location is near Ballymoney and will be disclosed at the time.
    Any bands wanting to play this please register your interest.
    Friday 10th sept.
    This is open to everyone but lets not make this a cockfest like the live lounge so ladies are especially welcome!lol

    Lets wake the dead with this one!
    [url=<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/QEGXS1cYR08&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/QEGXS1cYR08&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>]Hunt The Fallen...[/url]
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  2. avatar Bileofwood
    Haha, sounds class!

    You know full well us Hoobs are up for it, but if any other bands who didn't get to play last time register interest, and there's no room, we won't complain. Not TOO much, anyway ;)
  3. avatar flightstrip
    lol bill,do u live on fastfude or wot?!quick response or wot!if u guys wanna come thats ace.we shall section off a room with a chair so evan can sleep in the seated position ala live lounge!its all good!!!
  4. avatar TheVires
    Sent ya a wee pm.
  5. avatar flightstrip
    ok looks like 1st or 2nd or even 3rd friday in september:
    Subject to date and availability acts so far are:

    The Vires

    I have to limit the bands to around 6 or thereabouts due to technical shit (ie,i want to get hammered and not be doing the sound all night like the fekkin live lounge!)

    Djs also to be confirmed.
  6. avatar rawksheep
    i love death, its my favourite thing to do. Sounds like a recipe for a good night!
  7. avatar flightstrip
    Looks like Friday 10th Sept.Whilst bands are limited to around 6+DJs,this is open to anyone who wants to come and party!
    Im limiting the numbers to around 100 though in the interests of space.Theres plenty of car parking space and this time we shall have the fire INSIDE!lol
  8. avatar napolitan dentamic
    hi Andy,
    Dropped you a wee message mate.

  9. avatar flightstrip
    pm'd u back Bing;)
  10. avatar flightstrip
    Subject to concrete confirmation the following acts are up for it:





    other band TBC

    SPECIAL GUEST D.J.[/b:266e509569][/size]

    Death comes to us all so lets have a ball
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  11. avatar Bileofwood
    This line up is CRACKING!
  12. avatar darkprince07
    Would you like me to concoct a lovely poster for advertisement and start a facebook group for it? At least I'll get to sit this one out and get hammered. :P
  13. avatar anty2
    this'll be immense
  14. avatar flightstrip
    thanks chris,a poster etc wd be gr8.u know the score from the last party!
    if anyone wd like to volunteer to do sound duties that wd be fuckin ace as i plan an alcohol fueled meltdown...long overdue!

    much ta's;)
  15. avatar flightstrip
    The Vires unfortunately had to pull out as their label has them booked elsewhere for their EP launch.Good luck guys.keep me one,i will pay with cash,coal or semen....or all three
    still 6 acts plus DJ(s) so alls good;)
  16. avatar TheVires
    Thanks man, won't be long now until the ep is done. Would appreciate your views on it. We're gutted about having to pull out of this gig as the line up is cracker. Was reading some of your posts earlier on that arrogant band post and laughed my arse off (no pun intended!!!). Enjoy the gig!

  17. avatar salfhal
    That sounds awesome.
  18. avatar flightstrip
    Cheers Conall et al,if u can please make it big so i can sell my story to the News of the World about your hippy drummer and that Californian girl with the huge knockers,who drives around with a gun her daddy bought her for her birthday,under the seat of her Subaru,that would be cool.thanks

    any takers for doing sound at this event?...chris...stew... ahem
  19. avatar darkprince07
    I'm hungover from the Dio tribute gig last night in the S & A, good night.
    Will talk to you later at the Dirty V farewell.
  20. avatar flightstrip
    see u there devil child
  21. avatar flightstrip
    thanks chris for volunteering to do sound.wot u dont remember?too many JDs on sat nite.u can relieve the other guest DJ on the nite if u like..oerr missus.
    thinking of keeping this to bands plus whoever they want to bring?
  22. avatar darkprince07
    Haha, nice try...but I always remember.
    Don't remember cos I never said.
    But if need be I'll make the effort to help out.
    We need a fem to man ratio here. what say 99-1 with me as the only dude?
    I'd probably still not get my hole.
    Anyways, I'll invite a few peeps to the P-A-R-T-Y!
  23. avatar flightstrip
    fuck sake chris!u seemed to be doin pretty well on sat nite with that hot young goth in the kinky black pvc!!
    should really mention that this house is pretty much a shell and therefore if u want to sit on something u should bring,er...like some chairs,beanbags,sandbags,boxes,wotever.theres no bogs either ladies so prepare to squat.dont forget yer wet wipes.
    our bings cover band had to drop out as the other members feared being judged by the cream of norn irons music supremos...they may still come however as they dont get out much
  24. avatar Strong Reaction
    I've put a facebook event page up, so feel free to add/invite. I couldn't find another one so if someone's already created one let me know and I'll remove it. In the meantime..

  25. avatar flightstrip
    man,i really appreciate that.
    buy u a drink (or 10) at our Limelight bash on the 29th aug.
    my sis is gonna concoct a huge pot of er..something!so we're taking votes.do u want?

    Chicken curry (Venue style)

    Chilli Con Carne

    Stew (after my live lounge,prob not that popular but comes back up easy!)

    Cold nibbly crap...sausage rolls,sarnies etc

    Very happy to announce that Kenny will be DJing at this
  26. avatar anty2
    no bogs and youre offering spicy food, haha :lol:
  27. avatar flightstrip
    im a builder...i have buckets!!lol
    only for the ladies though.lads,take it outside!

    id bring wet wipes!!
  28. avatar Strong Reaction
    Some veggie stuff would be great too for us pansies. Nothing fancy, chips,mini pizzas,or a bucket of soil. Let me know nearer the time what the deal is with backline.

    Ian Comply Or Die

  29. avatar flightstrip
    i thought it about time the music scene experiences my greek salads and assorted greek veggie dishes (im half greek!)we shall have 2 tables,one for the veggies and one for the carnivores.bear in mind this house is a bare shell and has no kitchen though!lol.think i'll bring a bbq and peeps can bring their own grub and sort themselves out also.then ul not be blaming us for your week spent in antrim area with severe boaking and the shits!
    im after a volunteer to conduct (civilised) tours round my back garden graveyard.fry,ud be ideal if ud like the job?
    gonna keep numbers at circa 120 so get on the facebook and let us know if u want to come.if everyone ie.bands, can confirm this would be cool.want to keep it fun but safe (ish!)
    thanks agin Ian for the facebook ;)
  30. avatar Strong Reaction
    I recommend Bill Hubris as a tour guide. He's creepy.
  31. avatar Bileofwood
    Just add buckfast...
  32. avatar flightstrip
    ...u can count on it!lol

    Yo Chris (darkprince),Before Machines had to pull so if that band wants to open the night let me know.

    oh god,ive a sore bonce from last nite.....keep it down!
  33. avatar 666Arcane
    Is there a 20 quid band entry fee?
  34. avatar flightstrip
    nah,i'll double that to 40 notes.........keep the oul riff raff out.......i like to maintain a tidy and upperclass graveyard

    i'll be bungin some mattresses down but make sure u bring sleeping bags if yer staying

    edit:I will provide

    a Tama kit(u needs usual,snare,symbols,extra stands)
    PA,lights,smoke n all that guff
    marshall combo if needed

    bear in mind this is a lot smaller room than my live lounge was so theres no need to be miking up drums,amps etc.PA is pretty much only for vocals+accoustic guitar.keep it cosy!
    the floor is rough bare concrete so if anyone has some oul carpet etc bring it with u..seating wise..there aint any,just flight cases and wotever u bring.no creature comforts here folks!

    The Graveyard Gig.


    [size=200][b:fdc8eee37d]The Hubris (Ghoulish)

    ...Comply Or Die (Ghastly)

    Dolbro Dan (Smelly)

    Common Bred Trigger (Decaying)

    Hunt The Fallen (Putrid)

    Plus evil tunes from Undead DJ's.[/b:fdc8eee37d][/size]

    At a secret location in Co. Antrim to be revealed nearer the time 5 bands will attempt to raise the medieval dead from the adjacent burial ground. This will be limited to 100 spaces and admission fee will be a couple of pounds to cover electricity and food for the night. Bring your own bottles, bones, and bags.
  35. avatar Strong Reaction
    If anyone can bring a bass cab for this I can provide a head. Haven't much room in the car.
  36. avatar flightstrip
    I'll be heading up in my van around friday lunchtime from belfast with PA gear,drums,food,buckets,toilet roll,vagi-wipes etc so if anyone needs anything transported up just let me know.i will then bring it back to belfast the following morning/afternoon/whenever i wake up am am safe to drive!;)
  37. avatar flightstrip
    after all the zombie-ness this weekend and next my graveyard gig i feel that maybe i have an underlying facination with death,i may start carrying a dead budgie in my pocket so i can be close to death at all times!..who did that?someone told me last nite but i was fuckin trippin.fuck that death shit...."Keepin the scene ALIVE!!!"
    go to graveyard gig on faecesbook and confirm if u want to attend.it will give me an idea of how many shit-buckets,vege-burgers and matresses to bring......;)
  38. avatar Strong Reaction
    I'll take a vege-bucket and a shitmattress.
  39. avatar flightstrip
    :lol: decided not to worry about a few quid to cover electric and food,just bring yer own grub and i wont pay the bill!sorted.
    u can of course donate to my "Big Lay Penis Extension Programme" if u wish.
    I aff te Spudz for a cheese un;)
  40. avatar Bileofwood
    Lez talk gear.

    I am going to take my Blackstar and Marshall 4x12 for all to use, so if you wanna use your own head then stick it in my cab if you like.

    Ian, you got a cab sorted? We don't have a cab but Stew has a pretty nice combo. I could ask him.
  41. avatar flightstrip
    nice one bill.if no head is available then stews combo wd do fine if hes cool about it, though could DI it if needs be.Im thinking of putting the bands into the old stone building i have rather than the living room of the house as its bigger.need to clear it out a bit but should be fine.a few dead pigeons etc.;)
  42. avatar anty2
    the stench of death shall only make us (rock) harder
  43. avatar flightstrip
    the stench of you rockin shall make me hard and deaf
  44. avatar anty2
    what better way to go?
  45. avatar flightstrip
  46. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    Any idea of times/running order of bands?
  47. avatar flightstrip
    fuck,never really though of that tbh.hey bands....sort it between yerselves.i shall be getting pissed up in the corner and snoggin a corpse.,or even a real breathing person,hopefully female.
    heres my running order:

    Turn up
    set PA etc up
    drink beer
    listen to bands
    drink vodka coke
    release semen
    fall down
    sleep on slab

    sorted.................oh times...friday evening to saturday whenever
  48. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    Well what time is it gonna start at?
  49. avatar Strong Reaction
    Bill, what kind/size combo is it? Us Comply boys will be driving back to Belfast so we're happy being one of the first bands on, depending on what time it all kicks off at. I'll mail you our rider requirements and some contracts to sign in blood.
  50. avatar flightstrip
    wot ye's reckon? 8pm sound cool for kick off?thatll be some DJ stuff from 8pm with bands starting at 9pm.
    aye comply,thatd be cool if u guys start er up.not being too anal bout this so soundcheck as u feel fit.
    i will have munchies galore but feel free to bring yer own.all the electric comes from one point (as the building is unfinished) so will have a generator there too just in case.not gonna have a cooker but will make sure theres a microwave,kettle,etc so u can sort urselves.there will of course be a "Live lounge" style bonie so bring bangers and a stick!
    i hope nobody dies during this.
  51. avatar Strong Reaction
    Grand, we'll kick things off about 9.30 then, send me a PM here with the address and we'll see you between 7.30/8pm to get set up. Think Bill's gonna bring that bass combo all being well. All we need is 2 mics but we can scream into a bucket if there's not enough.
  52. avatar flightstrip
    roger that,dont worry ive plenty of mics.i'll have 3 vocal mics and prob just the kick and snare miked.iv ye's are using decent amps then theres no need for mics...its all good.PM ya directions dude ;)
  53. avatar Strong Reaction
    no worries, see you friday, send me directions to the graveyard.
  54. avatar darkprince07
    If you want a hand setting up, I'll get the train into Belfast and I'll come up with you to set-up....not long now so better start giving directions and address to bands.
  55. avatar Strong Reaction
    True, I don't want an American Werewolf style moment as I get lost somewhere near Stranocum and have to go into the local for directions.
  56. avatar Bileofwood
    To confirm, i'm taking my 4x12 and head for all to use, anyone who uses the Blackstar as a table for their drink will RUIN IT FOR EVERYBODY however.

    We are also providing the bas amp.

    Andy is providing a Marshall combo I believe. Unles there are keyboard/bassoon requirements I think the instrument basics are covered.
  57. avatar Strong Reaction
    baboon requirements.
  58. avatar flightstrip
    bands:just head north past ballymena then carry on to the first roundabout at ballymoney.ring me on 07894645881 and i'll keep u right.its not far away from there.
    chrissy babe,i'll come get u from bangor then head up around lunchtime 12-2pm ish.if anyone needs any big stuff taken up let me know and i'll take it up with me then.
    dont forget im not doing food (but will have munchies etc) so bring yer own.if anyone wants to donate a few quid towards leccy thats cool,if not no probs.i;ll have 2 fridges for beer(got my priorities right!)
    baboons will be arriving shortly after teatime
  59. avatar darkprince07
    Cool, can you send matthew ruddell from "Hunt the fallen" a facebook message, their band and friends are getting a taxi bus from Portadown, so they'll need better directions than that, I did tell them that they could have got it to Belfast and got a lift, but the van won't hold about 10 people lol
  60. avatar flightstrip
    anyone attending needing directions either pm me or ring me on 07894645881.yeoooo!
  61. avatar darkprince07
    right, hunt the fallen are sort of sorted. they are bringing 8, 5 are travelling by car, the other 3 need a lift from Belfast as I told them get the train to Belfast and we'll get them sorted. Don't need to worry about the way back as some are going early, others aren't and the drummer is driving.
    Just need to know what time we can get their lift sorted as the guitarist may need to book time off work if its early afternoon. Whats your big sis doing on the day? She coming to help and feel my butt? lol
  62. avatar Strong Reaction
    Got the directions, I know the road okay so we'll see you up there for 8pm, it'll only take us 20 mins to set up and check, so DJ 8.30-9.30pm then the madness begins?

    Will there be any mini cheddars or twiglets available?
  63. avatar flightstrip
    fuck yeah!....but dont forget yer own munchies or microwaveables.im defo leavin belfast around lunchtime so dont feel shy about hitchin a lift if u need it.obviously its way too early but me n the chris(ter) need to set up gear etc.chris,my sister will kill u.shes done it b4 and she likes prison!;)
  64. avatar Strong Reaction
    I'll bring a packet of McCoys and a veggie Pepperami. Maybe a tin of Steiger for afters.
  65. avatar flightstrip
    STOP FEKKIN PRESS: Ive got my hands on one of those half barrel bbqs so its all good.ta sis.

    any extra charcoal would be welcome........as would chairs,lights and wet wipes!
  66. avatar flightstrip
    thanks den for the 3 seater sofa,we shall sit on it then burn it in a most rock n roll manner.
  67. avatar Thedevilsfavouriteson
    Hey! check out the new EP from Comply Or Die it's only £2!!!

  68. avatar flightstrip
    cheap at twice the damn price!bring me one 2moro and i will cross ur palm with silver......or 2 quid.

    [size=200][b:e233e48422]the clock ticks..the corpses quiver...........
    graveyard kicks..prepare thy liver[/b:e233e48422][/size]
  69. avatar Strong Reaction
    Will she be there?
  70. avatar flightstrip
    hands off!shes mine.....i love to hear her hips crumble when we get it on....
  71. avatar flightstrip
  72. avatar flightstrip
    aye drummers:ive only a bass,floor and 2 toms ,all with 1 head.so bring yer snare,stands etc somebody.
    those germ killing water tablets they use in Ethiopia would also be good as would a big stick and a camera for evidence
    im outta here to get gear etc.if ur going to this just head for ballymoney and ring me on 07894 645 881 for directions;)
    see u up there
  73. avatar Strong Reaction
    Yep, If anyone's reading this from the bands could you ask your drummer to bring a set of stands please. We (Comply Or Die) will have some to set up with, but we have to leave early so don't want to leave anyone short!

    Cheers, should be a good night!

    Remember, first band (our good selves) will be on at 9.30pm! Just as the sun has gone down....
  74. avatar Strong Reaction
    Comply Or Die sadly are unable to play tonight. Sorry. More time for the other bands to play, have a great night.
  75. avatar flightstrip
    man,its all good.pass on my best wishes.all the gears set up n ready to go.man it looks good.look out for pics after the weekend.
    im back in belfast right now and will be heading back up to ballymoney shortly so if anyone wants to hitch a lift give me a call on 07894 645 881.as long as you're on the way thats cool.
    otherwise ring me when ur near ballymoney.scotty dude,ur more than welcome as i know u live not far.po ur head in and say hi!
    cold beer awaits.........im outta here

    this is open to anybody by the way

    no charge,bring ur own booze n nosh
  76. avatar flightstrip
    oh my god!!theres females there.actual real ones with bottoms and vaginas and boobies and handbags.and im stuck in belfast waiting on ballbag!!!hurry up da fuck...im missing my own party ya rocket ya
    my sister has just informed my that one of her friends just dropped her knickers at the petrol station on the dual carriageway from antrim to ballymena....think she winked at a lorry driver!lol
    we only hang wif classy chicks!!
  77. avatar flightstrip
    [url=<object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value="http://www.youtube.com/v/QEGXS1cYR08&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&fs=1"></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess" value="always"></param><embed src="http://www.youtube.com/v/QEGXS1cYR08&color1=0xb1b1b1&color2=0xd0d0d0&hl=en_US&feature=player_embedded&fs=1" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" allowfullscreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" width="640" height="385"></embed></object>]FUCK YEAH!!....Hunt The Fallen[/url]
  78. avatar anty2
    this was an awesome night, very little feedback on this.........c'mon I want stories (as I only got there at 01:30)
  79. avatar flightstrip
    fek,i really dont know if anyone remembers anything.i did get a panicked phonecall from a neighbour telling me that a bunch of the unwashed had broken into my building site and were having a rave!lol.
    considering the distance from civilisation i really want to thank everyone who made the effort and turned up.i feel bad that hunt the fallens car broke down on the way home.this was a great opportunity to hear some class bands with a view to getting them on a decent stage in a decent venue soon.
    feel free to post up pics etc.thanks guys n girls;)
  80. avatar Bileofwood
    Aww, man, it was class. Great spot really, running water is so overrated.

    I was pretty mashed up myself, but once we'd played it was full on chat, drink, smoke, you know the rest!

    You CBT lads really stepped it up a gear when you got started!
  81. avatar anty2
    The only thing we're good at is bleeding and unfortunately/fortunately Karl suffered more injuries than me. Really pissed I missed you guys again, I've got the cd here (thanks to whoever left it wedged in my bass strings :)....I was expecting it to be covered in wine but a free cd always cheers me up)

    Andy whenever we get a proper cd on the go I am going to have to ask you (on a daily basis, over and over again) to do one of these shindigs again and let us have a cd launch at it. Easily one of the best parties I've ever been to.

    Big thanks to Chris (Sittlington?) who jumped in and played drums on a good couple of songs he hadnt heard before. A massive thanks to Andy, Bill, Evan, Stephen and whoever it was playing bass and yelling vocals for us during that random hour of noise after our short set.

    If theres a next time we'll be there before midnight :)
  82. avatar flightstrip
    :lol: shit,i wondered where all that blood came from next morning when i was cleaning up.
    you can count on more 'andys gigs in a dumb place'.....!
    some people say that the Voodoo Rock Halloween thing in carrick is in a dumb place!lol
    that remains to be seen.CD launch?damn straight///
    aye our chris is a talented wee butt monkey
    hope u enjoyed ur pizza chris,nice pants lynsey,you soiled my sheep HTF!!
  83. avatar anty2
    [url=http://commonbredtrigger.bandcamp.com/]NEW SONGS[/url]

    I'll send you (andy, bill, maybe a few others if you ask nicely :p) a couple of codes to download it for free in whatever formats it allows.


    If you email me on that i'll remember :)
  84. avatar flightstrip
    nice one m8.appreciate it.heres some more pics:


    bill from the hubris shreddin it..


    Dont do drugs kids!...

    Flightstrip has his keys,lets go...

    what the hell does this button do?...

    Hubris and Jo gettin lit..


    Note wheelbarrow BBQ.HTF are gonna patent that...


    Drink,smoke,chair.easy pleased is Hubris Evan...

    Common Bred Trigger...

    Bats fear him,the sittlington...

    A mic in the nads always hurts...

    morning after...who needs a pill?..

    Fuck Jedward!look at that hair go!..

    Kenny and flightstrip lure another victim to the "andy van"...
  85. avatar anty2
    surprised there wasnt much more bucking on that night
  86. avatar flightstrip
    i do believe "Dolly" my inflatable sheep got a damn good rogering*

    *Rogering:So called after Fastfudes Roger who likes to roger a lot and is the mayor of Rogertown in Rogerland on the planet Roger
  87. avatar flightstrip
  88. avatar Elliot
    That is insane.
    You'd think that a large crowd of drunks would have been able to sniff it out.
  89. avatar flightstrip
    yeah!lol.notice the forensics cop in the pic is pointing to the grafitti left by HTF!!!..............who likes boys??
  90. avatar darkprince07
    Hahaha, now why couldn't it have been full that night, we could've smoked it all. I'm now weary of having the pics on my facebook lol. Who got arrested though, a 34 year old. Your not 34 Andy.
  91. avatar flightstrip
    im just the innocent landlord dude!lol.and no im not 34,im 21....(shut it!)
    i have never been arrested in my life cos im a good boy.
    the live lounge house was also rented to the same dodgy dudes so keep yer peepers peeled for the news tonight!
    hey chris,yer fingerprints are all over the place...hope uv an alibi!!lol
    strangely one of the cops was at my sat nite wedding gig and was well shitfaced,yet sunday lunchtime he was scoffing a fully loaded elephants foot kebab....hard job that oul policin' malarky.;)

    oh,if anyone wants some really good quality soil let me know...seriously,the cops just got some skips in and theyre gonna dump it in the landfill.
    get it while u can,u may even get some roots!
  92. avatar goatboy
    Did you not get a bit suspicious when people wanted to rent a house that looks much like a bomb site?
  93. avatar flightstrip
    na not really,they looked like Al Qaida so sorta fitted in!
  94. avatar Bileofwood
    I hope they don't test any samples from the massive orange stool around the side of the house.

    God knows what they'd find.
  95. avatar darkprince07
    Aye, the dump in the graveyard, unless andy cleaned it up haha.
  96. avatar flightstrip
    strangely the fuzz had wot looked like a stool sample in one of those wee evidence baggies.they thought it was orange due to a large consumption of tango or mandarins
  97. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    So what's the craic here. The house you used for a mad party had 1/4million worth of hash growing in it within a month? Who touted?
  98. avatar flightstrip
  99. avatar papaul
    [quote:3343901d84]So what's the craic here. The house you used for a mad party had 1/4million worth of hash growing in it within a month? Who touted?[/quote:3343901d84]

    [quote:3343901d84]......except an electric bill for £12000 came today....yup that was a shocker!lol[/quote:3343901d84]

    Might have been the electric bill that made the cops suspect the place, that amount of electricity suddenly being used on a premises doesn't go unnoticed, especially if it's not a commercial premises.