1. avatar hetfieldaaaah
    Hey guys. 3 people here looking for a lift or bus to Glasgowbury ON THE NIGHT BEFORE THE FESTIVAL (Friday 23rd July).

    We're based in the Limavady area, anyone know of any buses or anyone who can get us a way down? It'd mean a lot!

  2. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    Hi guys.
    Theres seats on the Furlo bus, but it leaves on saturday morning.
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  3. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    also, fuck off magee
  4. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
  5. avatar hetfieldaaaah
    Hahaha, NOGY!

    Dude I saw something about Chambers doing a service.

    £20 but, bit steep.

    Do the job. Can't wait. Should be a SESH!
  6. avatar The Cheapest Thrills
    Why do you wanna go on friday?
  7. avatar hetfieldaaaah
    An extra night for a bit of craic! YEEHA.
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  8. avatar McIntyre
    Yeah, if you're looking to go on Friday night, Chambers are running a return service which will depart Limavady on the eve of the festival and return on Sunday.

    You have to book a place with them beforehand though - call 028 867 48152 to do so.
  9. avatar JackieWright
    Get drunk and stoned in your house on Friday and get the bus on the Saturday morning.
  10. avatar hetfieldaaaah
    Cheers McIntyre, will give them a call tomorrow! Hopefully got a few seats free! And c'mon Jackie, where's the fun in that?!