1. avatar exitonline
    Just posting this up here on behalf of a friend of mine who had his bass guitar stoles last night at the Empire - It was caught on CCTV & the police are looking into it. The people in question were female and a male. They stole it at 1:34 am.

    The bass is very distinctive, a unique bass and i know there are not many in Belfast, its a Duff McKagan white signature Fender Bass guitar. There is a reward for anyone who can help find this.

    heres a picture of the bass:

    So I just wanted to let everyone know to keep their ear to the ground uncase anybody spots the bass get in touch with me and i'll pass the info on email: chris@exitrock.co.uk

    Thanks everyone
  2. avatar Biff
    That is one sexy bass.
  3. avatar Strong Reaction
    Was it taken from backstage?
  4. avatar unplugged
    when we played there i would never leave anything in that backstage bit. half the time people open that door and it leads off into the street and beyond. i mean someone walking in there and slinging a bass over their shoulder and ot the door takes 5 secs. And nobody questions anyone leaving that door with an instrument its commonplace.

    Nice bass. I spotted the last guitar nicked on here in CC and the guy got it back thanks to my eagle eye. A jaguar i think it was. Hopefully your mate will get his bass back.
  5. avatar exitonline
    Yeah, it was taken from backstage. The two involved literally just walked in through the back door grabbed it and ran.

    But keep your eyes out for the bass, the guy is offering a reward for helping to find it.
  6. avatar markrock
    i thought dirty dc played there last night, i didnt think sweet savage where there to
  7. avatar warcrux
    The bass belongs to the guy from sweet savage.
  8. avatar markrock
    yeah i know its rays bass, robbing bastards it,ll turn up sometime.
  9. avatar unplugged
    will it? jimmy page is still looking for his black les paul custom from 74 despite placing ads in every music magazine in the world for its return.

    i never leave gear anywhere at any gig. thieves, esp drunk ones cant be trusted. i once walked into a gig from being outside with my band to see some drunken fuck wit standing blocked having got on the stage with my 2 grand takamine. from that day on i never leave gear unattended. then hindsight is a wonderful thing. lets hope ray gets it back.
  10. avatar JackieWright
    Keep an eye on ebay and Ads for Free.
  11. avatar markrock
    Hopefully it,ll turn up, Yea i dont trust no one with my gear and its shit having to baby sit the gear instead of enjoying myself at a gig.
  12. avatar markrock
  13. avatar LolaDivine
    i wish they would release images of these people. i know it affects the case but at least then we'd would know what to look out for. I was in the empire on sat eve, just in beer garden mind you, had my guitar with me it never leaves my side, but it can happen so easy if someone distracts you for a second. good luck on the hunt, plenty of eyes on the lookout for it now.