1. avatar p-t-rebel-mc
    Where is the best place's for CD Duplication? We are primarily looking somewhere relatively cheap, it doesn't necessarily have to be local either. I know certain types of packaging are much dearer than others so we will most likely decide our method of packaging in regards to price.

    Any good suggestions/links?
  2. avatar varin
    hi guys

    i run http://www.botanicmedia.co.uk

    Im sure we can help you find the right package & price.


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  4. avatar welshchris
    I've used [url=http://www.mobineko.com/]Mobineko[/url] before and was very happy with the results.

    Seriously GREAT value, the stuff gets pressed and printed in Taiwan but they have offices in the UK so you get a rep there to speak to.
  5. avatar ConorMcKay
    My first post!
    I use [url=http://www.wilsoncreative.co.uk/]http://www.wilsoncreative.co.uk/[/url] for any CD or DVDs I need duplicated.

    I have used them for my last 7 projects and have been very very happy with the quality, price and service.

    I have used numerous duplication companies, some in Ireland, most based in England and I have found the customer service to be very poor. A lot claim to have low prices etc but this usually means poor quality in the end.

    When I first contacted Wilson Creative - they were very helpful. ALl their services, prices etc are online. So no hidden costs.

    I would reccomend them - also they offer free samples. Check them out next time you need short run duplicaiton. I usually get 300-400 run off at a time and wouldnt think of using another company.