1. avatar SONI Live
  2. avatar hostageparty
    This is gona be a fun gig. It's a Friday night, so no excuse not to grab a mate and come see some diverse new bands, unless you have no mates.
  3. avatar Mister_Optimist

    Anyone shed any more light on any of the bands? I play in Hostage Party so know a bit about them.
    Anyone else from the other bands on here on seen em live before?

    Really looking forward to this gig.

  4. avatar oxjam/belfast/09
    Whats up? Kris Keys here from The Minority (www.myspace.com/theminoritymusic)
    sounds good, myself and the lads also looking forward to gig.
  5. avatar SONI Live
    Excellent, soulful singer/songwriter Malaika has been added to the bill!