1. avatar Chuffola
    Just saw this on gumtree http://belfast.gumtree.com/belfast/87/59448587.html

    Prestige Guitars. Any info on it?
  2. avatar Recycled Alien
    It's a venture by one of the guys who worked in the Guitar Emporium. I don't know him personally, but had a short conversation about it with him when he was helping clear out the GE!

    I'll certainly be having a look next time I'm in Belfast in daytime.
  3. avatar drive by fader
    Nice wee place and David sure knows his stuff. I'd recommend a visit! It's in Pottinger's Entry
  4. avatar unplugged
    Yup indeed!
    Nice guy. Nice string stop when i cant get round to the guys in Bairds.
    Plus its right beside Grapevine for lunch, mmm bowls of chilli (homer syle drool)

    I found the fella pleasant and like other music shops in town he doesnt patronise, make you stand there waiting or the usual lark. Found him dead helpful. Is only getting going but fair play to him.
  5. avatar Lunar
    I'll have to check this place out, even though I buy most of my stuff online. It's nice to look at stuff.
  6. avatar The Stav
    Yep, Dave's a good guy and he knows his stuff. He's also good with repairs, so rather than going all the way to Bairds to get ignored, I'll be getting my repairs at Dave's place from now on.

    Speaking of ex-Guitar Emporium staff, Neil has a sweet wee guitar shop in Holywood called The Guitar Rooms. I was in the other day, leaving off a vintage Orange amp I'm looking him to sell for me, and some of the gear in the place is fantastic- loads of old and new Gibsons, Fenders, Gretchs etc. for fair prices. All decent guys working there who know their gear. Well worth heading there for a juke if you're looking to pick up a quality plank. Or a vintage Orange amp.
  7. avatar greensleevesisgod
    If you're making the effort to visit pottingers entry. Don't forget to call into Spiral Threads. Belfasts first organic clothing shop! :D

    I'll have to go down and check this shop out. I like the idea of custom built recording pc's! I'm completely clueless in that area.