1. avatar JamesJamerson
    Dunno if you're allowed to sell non-music stuff here - if not then let me know and I'll remove the topic.

    Got a load of DVD's that I would like to sell as I could do with de-cluttering a bit. Say 2 quid per DVD?

    Would also accept trades for just about anything. (a 1970's sunburst Jazz bass with block inlays perhaps.... nah maybe that's a bit unrealistic)

    The DVD's are:

    Richard Pryor Live and Smokin'
    Harry Hill - Hooves
    Brendan Grace - Funny Man
    Cool Hand Luke
    Smokin Aces
    Phone Booth
    Hard Boiled
    K-19 The widowmaker
    A Man Apart
    Analyse This
    The Manchurian Candidate
    Omid Djalili - Live in London
    Rob Brydon Live
    Harry Hill - First Class Stamp
    Vic Reeves Big Night Out
    16 Blocks
    Predator & Predator 2
    From Dusk Till Dawn
    Nico - Above the Law
    The 6th Day
    Lee Evans 1994 - 2002 5 CD Box Set (5 quid)

    PC Game: Hidden and Dangerous 2
    PC Game: Far Cry
    PC Game: Black Hawk Down

    XBox 360 - Perfect Dark Zero
  2. avatar loveisthelaw
    Cool Hand Luke and Blade for me
  3. avatar JamesJamerson
    Cool Hand Luke and Blade now sold.