1. avatar isis
    I was on my way home on Sat night and saw a fairly large stocky man hit a fairly short, small built girl in the face with so much force that she went flying to the ground. I called the police, who were pretty rude to me on the phone but said they'de send a car out. So I made my taxi driver wait opposite, out of site while we waited for the police to appear...
    15 mins later a meat wagon went past...slowed down then drove on. Then a marked police car...the same. The couple were still fighting but the police must not have gave a shit...few digs to the face never hurt anyone eh?
  2. avatar j0j0
    Firstly, thank you for doing this, not everyone would!

    Secondly, did you call the police back for an update? I'd love to know why they felt just driving by would be enough. Surely they should have stopped the car and asked if everything was ok AT THE VERY LEAST.
  3. avatar isis
    didn't even stop. They just drove by, circled for a bit then drove off. A guy tried to attack me in Dec last year and the police were pretty hopeless from the 1st call. I'd ran into a taxi and the police told me to wait where I was. F**K that I thought and we drove round to try find him, just in time to see him attack another girl. we chased him in the car for a while but he ran down a lane.

    So we went back to the girl, she was obviously in shock. A police car drove past and I ran out to it. If I had of listened to the police God knows what would of happened to the other girl....

    Another friend of mine was attacked at her door step last week.
    What the fuck has to happen to get the police to react with a little more urgency?
  4. avatar fastfude
    There's a whole public body to help you out here: http://www.policeombudsman.org/modules/pages/howtocomplain.cfm
  5. avatar markusblaqk
    a few years back i had to call the police when i walked into my room in my apartment just off botanic and found my window smashed to pieces and my bed covered in what had formerly BEEN the window. it was the latest event to have occured in this apartment related to us being tortured by the local kids in the nearby estate. said kids were still hanging about underneath my window so i called the police to get it sorted.

    3 hours later they arrived (about 11pm this was), looked about a bit, and took my statement. they told me that they rarely come that way because the same kids brick their cars every time. i was told frankly that nothing would probably be done about it. the window was repaired by the landlord, but the kids trashed it about 3 times after that before we moved out (about 3 months later)

    since that time i have seriously had issues with the police. they are the most ineffective people i have ever encountered. this is the third or fourth time someone has written on this site about assaults/muggings going ignored in the past 3 years, one of which had been 100 metres away FROM the police.

    they are the most useless bastards i have ever had to deal with. it's sad that crap like this gets ignored, all due to politics or intimidation, or even just downright laziness on their part.

    what eventually happened to the couple?
  6. avatar fastfude
    There's a whole public body to help you out here: http://www.policeombudsman.org/modules/pages/howtocomplain.cfm
  7. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:682e248553="isis"]If I had of listened to the police God knows what would of happened to the other girl....[/quote:682e248553]

    To be fair, they probably didn't want you to get any more hurt. Had they not told you that and you'd got knifed down some side street you'd be posting here "why the fuck didn't the police tell me to stay where I was...".

    As for the other night, while I only have your description to go by, could it be possible that maybe the police were looking for you, but when they didn't see you (because you were hiding out of sight) they figured there was no point staying, as what use would they be standing on an apparently empty street twiddling their thumbs?

    But as Roger says, if you think you have a valid complaint tell the ombudsman.
  8. avatar isis
    why would I give them my description? I'm not a moron. I gave the details of the people involved. I just didn't want to leave the girl in that situation so I stayed in the cab and waited.

    As for my incident, I wasn't running about the street chasing him, I was in a car. I understand the red tape the police have to deal with, I am also very frustrated at the amount of attacks on women there seem to be every week in this city. And the lack of different police presence seem to make. I was attacked on eglantine ave, a few seconds from the lisburn rd.

    Fast Fude: why do you keep giving me the comp[laints dept details, do you not want me to talk about this?
  9. avatar isis
    and the street wasn't empty, it contained a very distressed girl and a very angry man.
  10. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:08a8fa0704="isis"]why would I give them my description?[/quote:08a8fa0704]

    You didn't read what I said, I said that *I* only had your description of the events to go by.

    Roger is probably telling you the complaints address because bitching on Fastfude doesn't do any good.
  11. avatar Deestroyer
    [quote:25992fff44]bitching on Fastfude doesn't do any good[/quote:25992fff44] Is that not what you're doing?
  12. avatar isis
    I think that talking about these things are what needs to happen. Complaining to the police is a waste of time. The attacks on women in this city can't continuously be swept under the carpet and never talked about. I wasn't having a go at the police, well I was but I was also raising a point. I forgot how bitchy this site is...
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    Now you know why a lot of people don't bother posting anymore. I had to actually think what my log in was!! I take a wee juke in every so often but find the majority of users either self-deprecating or abusive to other users, mostly trying to be 'funny'. The site mostly serves no purpose only to give a few people somewhere to mouth off :097:
  14. avatar The Stav
    Welcome back to ff with hugs isis! We're not all bitches...

    You're just right to bring that up. It seems to me that all the peelers in our wee crazy land wanna do is issue fines to motorists, litter-bugs and dope smokers. People who usually behave themselves and don't throw rocks at them in other words.

    I understand that they don't want to rock the boat in certain areas in case they come across as too heavy handed and kick-start the Troubles again, but to turn their backs on wee girls getting attacked is shameful behaviour.

    They're mostly lazy bastards with no concern for the regular folk walking the streets with scumbags.

    Get onto the Ombudsman and give em a damn good verbal kicking!
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  15. avatar spirit of division
    Is it really your average police person that is to blame? I would say it's their superiors and then their superiors again who set the agenda, targets and at the very top - laws. Police have a tough job and regardless of whether or not you like them, we need them...I doubt anyone can show me a good alternative.

    Complaining here is one thing, but in the end it is utterly pointless. As suggested - contact the ombudsman - that's what they are there for. It may not have any immediate effect but it will be cumulative.

    I'm sure some people have good stories of police work...I have both.
  16. avatar salfhal
    In the interest of balance; Any dealings that I've had with the police (bar one) have been very positive.

    GOOD -
    Getting done for speeding, very understanding, polite and professional manner, issued me with a fine, but I fully deserved it.

    Dealing with a me and 5 mates being mugged, beatup and held at knifepoint - 6 officers turned up, put us all quickly into their cars, took the shocked girls home while the boys were driven around town to spot the dicks that did it (which we did, and 3 of the 5 ended up getting prosecuted).

    Various reportings of stolen cars, driveoffs, thefts when I worked in a garage, often a little late, but professional, helpful etc

    Another kicking, again treated well etc.

    Evac from bomb area when I was younger - same again.

    Bad -

    Was assaulted and arrested (and quickly dearrested) for drawing with chalk on a wall, the officer thumped me and my mates a few times continually swearing at us, he then called backup, 4 squad cars arrived, the other officers told him to stop being a twat, gave me a bottle of water to wash off the chalk and let us go. So even the average police officers know that there are some dicks in the force.
  17. avatar T Entertainment
    Re the supposed 'bitchiness' of this thread / forum, at the time of writing: one person (rather mildly) questioned the effectiveness of discussing the subject on this site, one other person posted a link to the official channel for complaints without further comment (that's two) and EVERY OTHER POSTER was 100% supportive and/or engaged constructively with the issue (eight).

    Seriously, if you think that's 'bitchy', you probably should avoid internet discussion forums in general, because based on the evidence of this thread, you won't cope very well.
  18. avatar Recycled Alien
    That would be three, including yours, the most bitchy response of all, and totally unneccessary.
  19. avatar T Entertainment
    Clearly 'bitchiness' has some definition other than that I have been familiar with then, Steve. I just see a serious over-reaction, given the nature of the posts on this thread and the manner in which discussion in the wider internet is conducted. I don't regard pointing out the disparity between that which has actually been posted and the claims subsequently made about the nature of those posts to be unnecessary.

    Christ, how many posts in the history of Fastfude have been 'necessary', anyway? It's hard to think of a more subjective description.
  20. avatar tinpot anto
  21. avatar BOOZEHOUND
    here's my story...
    woken up one night by commotion outside. looked out the window and could see 3 of the local chavscum had broken into the house 4 doors up from me (I say 'broke' into, they simply kicked the front door in). the house belonged to a very quiet and harmless punk and they'd smashed all the windows and taken his musical instruments into the playpark across the street. there they proceeded to have a concert with his guitar, drums and a cello(?), smashing them up like Pete Townsend.
    I phone the coppers, and the voice at the other end assures me there's a car on the way. I tell her that I'm watching the scumbags and to tell the car to hurry. 40 FUCKING MINUTES later, I call them back asking what the hell's going on and while i'm talking to the same woman as earlier a car turns up outside the punks house. the chavs are still over in the park destroying the guys gear in full view of the cops, but they merely get out of the car and look at the house. I ask the woman if she's in contact with the officers outside and she says she is, so I tell her to tell them that it's the 3 cunts in the park they're looking for. I then watch with disbelief as the two cops get back in the car and drive off! I ask the woman what's going on and she says "well, if the officers go over they'll just run off won't they, and there's no back-up available." so I think 'fuck it', hang the phone up, get dressed quickly and go out. a guy up the street had come out too so we run over to the park. the chavs threw the busted instruments at us and started running off, so I grabbed a metal rim from one of the drums and threw it after them luckily smacking one of them on the back of the head. he gave a yell and ran off.
    10 - 15 minutes later, me and the other guy and a few others were talking in the street when 3 JEEPS full of peelers tuned up! one comes over and says they're investigating an alleged assault in which a young man was hit on the head:O ! we started shouting and yelling about how they must be joking, how this poor guy had his house and belongings trashed and how if they did their job properly etc etc etc, and UNBELIEVEABLY, they just got back in the jeeps and went away! so there was 2 crimes they couldn't be bothered dealing with.
    I contacted the ombudsman about it, lodged a complaint, made a statement, wasted my time basically.

    now, as far as the original posters story goes, here's another story.
    after a gig in the Beaten Docket one night I was outside talking to the bouncer when this big arsehole comes along Lombard Street pulling a girl by the hair. the guy was twice the size of the girl and she was screaming and obviously in some distress. the bouncer shouts at the guy to get the fuck away from her, the girl screams "help me....please!" and this big fucking prick looks at us, then turns and punches the girl [i:96b4a36edf]full force[/i:96b4a36edf] in the face! the girl goes down and he proceeds to kick her. me and the bouncer run over, grab the cunt and the bouncer takes him to the ground. I run onto Great Victoria Street looking for the police and while i'm gone the girl gets up, takes off her shoe, screams "get the fuck off him!" and hits the bouncer so hard with the shoe that the stilletto heel pierces his back, just narrowly avoiding puncturing his lung! the bouncer fell over in shock and the girl then lifted a bottle and cracked him on the head with it, got her arsehole boyfriend off the ground and fucked off!
    shocking stuff. but according to the bouncer afterwards ( and a few other bouncers i've talked to), not unusual at all!
    would it stop me going to the aid of a woman in distress? absolutely not! but it certainly makes you think...
  22. avatar fastfude
    Well if complaining to the Ombudsman is a waste of time, complaining on an Internet messageboard does even less good. Accusing anyone who points this out as being 'bitchy' is even worse.

    The net result is nothing is improved about the police service, and you antagonise a few otherwise sympathetic individuals that you didn't need to.

    So again, contact the Ombudsman. These kinds of incidents are the whole reason they exist. Seriously.
  23. avatar isis
    To be honest I just wanted to talk about it. It had been playing on my mind since my attack (any one who has had a traumatic experience will understand this I'm sure).

    Talking on a forum can sometimes be easier than talking to your friends, I just thought there are alot of attacks happening in this city and before you all start I realise the police are not to blame for this. It just frustrates the shit out of me, leaves you feeling a bit helpless and angry.

    I'm not going to be reposting on this forum, I'll make a complaint regarding last week to the ombudsman, and for the record the police were very helpful to me in dec, once I managed to flag them down.

    Didn't mean to cause such a drama, I'll keep quiet from now on.

  24. avatar sloppyjoe
    [quote:e9e21c3e27="isis"]... I'll keep quiet from now on.


    Don't do that, Jen. It's a web forum - you post whatever you like, even if you just want to sound off. It's not a waste of time. Sure, a couple of the comments may have been unhelpful, but you still get a bit of friendly advice and sympathy from some folk, no? Your post is no less relevant than the Gaza flotilla one going on elsewhere. This is the kind of thing that keeps a forum site alive - if every post had to be music-related, the whole thing would soon dry up.