1. avatar EWCraig

    Exit Wounds track on NIChart, Versus of hatred. Free download if ya wanna check it out or just add it to your library!


  2. avatar Elliot
    Mate this is some good stuff.
    Good metal bands are getting increasingly harder to find in Northern Ireland.

    Look forward to catching you live at some point.
    Is there an E.P on the go?
  3. avatar EWCraig
    Thanks alot dude!

    Yes there is but apart from the bands copies and the raw copy we have no copies.

    We're brushing up the artwork and then getting a good lot printed to distribute. Their will be a post in the next week or two hopefully!!


  4. avatar Bileofwood
    I know I look at risk of turning into an EW fanbwoi, but out of all the hard rock/heavy metal bands I have seen whilst playing in NI myself EW are the best.

    Great songs, great shows and great lads.

    Anyway, yooz probably think I'm getting creepy, so I'll just fade back into the shadows.......
  5. avatar EWColin
    Aww man dont go back into the shadows! we love you! haha cheers guys! :D
  6. avatar EWCraig
    I finger you in your sleep bill!
  7. avatar EWCraig
  8. avatar EWCraig
  9. avatar EWRyan
    Bump with new info!

    check out exitwound.bandcamp.com

    There, you can stream our whole EP, for nothing, squat, zilch!

    There's also a free download of Verses Of Hatred, which you can get in high quality goodness formats (FLAC anyone?)

    Ta, Ryan \M/
  10. avatar EWCraig
    You are a knob, this is why i do things. We weren't meant to put the band camp up till we had the actual ep. I hate life.