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    [url=http://www.myspace.com/thesmokingacesband]Smokin' Aces[/url] are a 5 piece rock band playing well known classic rock tunes in their own unique style along with their own mix of blues, punk and hard rock. They generally play drunk, stoned & sloppy, and put on a hell of a live show.

    [url=http://www.myspace.com/wirednfired]Wired & Fired[/url] Hard Rock & Roll, classic punk and metal upstarts.

    [url=www.myspace.com/romanticideireland]Romanticide[/url] are heavily influenced by many bands such as HIM, Nightwish, Cruxshadows and For my Pain, Romanticide harness gloomy guitar riffs and melodic keys to catch the listeners attention and hopefully their heart. Work is underway and Rock Opera Vol. I is soon due to be completed. Described by Michael as 'bastardised mash of Romeo and Juliet and Dante's Inferno', the CD will certainly be worth a listen. Romanticide are: Michael Tipping (vocals and keys) Ryan O'Neill (lead guitar) Mikiie Rutledge (rythm and a smidge of lead guitar/ backing vocals) Current Session Players: Rick Walker (bass) Chris Vito (drums)


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    bumppppppppppppppppppXXXXD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Romanticide : Is looking for a Full time bassist to Join them .. Must be 100% Commited and Got your own gear and be over 18 ..

    For more info

    Email Mike : m-tipp@hotmail.co.uk
    Email Chris : gunsn@hotmail.co.uk

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