1. avatar KarKing Jack
    'Ello all

    New Glam Punk band on the scene - we're called The Gutterdolls. Basically, I'm a guitarist though I write lyrics and basslines too, maybe some piano parts even though I cant play it, haha, Rachel is our singer, though she plays/writes bass too, and Jamez is our drummer.

    Basically, we're punk in the sense that energy, self-expression and 'fuck you' matter more than ability and the music should be pretty honest, and we're Glam in that the front members trashy, semi-androgynous and, well, glamourous.

    We got a LOT of material that just needs some more cats to work with to make it real, and as I write new material almost every day - cant speak for Rachel and Jamez, but they're creative - we're not gonna dry up for a long enough time. Hoping to gig whenever, record whenever, and hopefully get famous (what bands different, eh?), but basically, just play some fekking music.

    Looking for;

    - Bassist
    - Guitarist (Backup or Acoustic or Lead, whatever)
    - Pianist/keyboardist (both would be nice but I mean...)
    - Saxophonist (unless the old one reappears - she booked in for an operation and I haven't seen her since. But she can play Piano and stuff so if your already there, y'know... Its not like we'll all get really atmospheric and awkward.)

    And basically anyone else who feels they wanna join. Anyway, we're already getting underway and since Rachel can play bass she can fill in until we get a bassist. We'll gig live as soon as we have a set well practiced really, we're all very determined and energetic about it.

    Anyway, this is huge. I dunno why I typed this much. No ones gonna read this! The next one will be better, LOL. We're gonna do mostly originals, a couple covers. Anyone who wants to join a creative and fresh, promising punk band, please gimmi' a text.

    Contact Details;


    See ya round!
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    Bump, lol.
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    Email sent!
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    And replied to! Haha
  5. avatar gus
    Give us a shout if you ever get it all together and you want a support slot - we're going to organise soem more gigs after the summer's over,
    and you sound right up our street..

    The Organ Grinders are a bunch of coffin-dodging geriatric punks playing a mix of 1970's punk rock, and original material.

    ( We're playing The Bunker at Lavery's on Friday 30th July, if you're interested, pop in - early show from 8 till 10...)

    - Gus Grinder
  6. avatar KarKing Jack
    Sounds fantastic man, I'll definately give yaz a buzz, and I'll probably pop in too. Looking forward :D
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    My first post!
    Email sent !
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    Email recieved! Cha-ching
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    Edited top post, lol...
    Still looking!