1. avatar Chuffola
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  2. avatar rahamilton
    Hi There

    The finish is known as the "Mary Kaye" finish. Mary was known as "The First Lady of Rock and Roll" during the fifties. Fender produced a special Strat for her with that blond semi see-through effect. So, Mary, who was something to do with the Hawian Royal Family, was the first ever Fender Endorsee. As with all Indies, it punches well above it's weight, and will probably be a better guitar than many Fenders you see in the shops.

    Tony Hamilton.
  3. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    Will you swap it for a pallet of Greek bottled water?


    If it were dark, i'd be all over it.
  4. avatar Chuffola
    You learn something every day, Tony. It is a lovely guitar but I have promised my nearest and dearest that there will be only one guitar at a time, otherwise I'd not be selling. And I'm entering a Hendrix/Gilmour/Fruschiante phase - I can feel it coming...

    Leif, I think I now understand why that mother and child incident occurred. Pallet of greek bottled water indeed!
  5. avatar Leif Bodnarchuk
    Don't be hatin' my bump.

  6. avatar Chuffola
    I'm a lover not a hater.
  7. avatar andymartin
    My first post!
    Hi man, still got that indie telecaster type guitar, I maybe interested for the right price .
    Let me know.
    Cheers AM
  8. avatar ohmessylife
    I'll swap you a toilet and 2 goats for the Telecaster you put up for sale in 2010
  9. avatar anty2
    Trade for an Orange AD5?
  10. avatar Chuffola
    Erm... Sold it 3 years ago. As per ohmessylife's offer which, if it had been made at the time, I'd have accepted.
  11. avatar anty2
    I need to pay more attention :(