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    Wednesday June 9th at The Black Box:

    [b:6c67a0559e]Katie and the Carnival[/b:6c67a0559e]

    Cabaret folk rock with a contemporary theatrical twist! Katie and the Carnival not only present you with great, catchy songs, they also captivate their audience with an energetic live show filled with fun! Enchanting harmonies and heartfelt lyrics are the core of this exciting band's being.


    [b:6c67a0559e]The Lambing Season[/b:6c67a0559e]

    Formed from the ashes of the much-loved Boathouse, The Lambing Season are a brand new seven piece with a brand new set of songs. Influences include Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens and Beirut. No songs are up online yet but the band are currently recording at Blue Room Studios. Watch this space...


    [b:6c67a0559e]The Yeuts[/b:6c67a0559e]

    The quartet was put together by Conor Scullion, Stephen Quinn and Dean Irwin with bassist John Conway joining the band later on. All these musicians bring different influences to the group. Rock-steady bass, emotive drums, soaring guitars and soulful vocals combine to create an exciting addition to the ever-evolving music scene in Northern Ireland. Heavily influenced by rock, jazz, funk, reggae and blues with a catchy pop sensibility.


    [b:6c67a0559e]Joel Cathcart [Albrecht's Pencil][/b:6c67a0559e]

    The 'Pencil's eponymous full-length album was released in December 09. The intrepid ensemble are currently taking some time out in order to accommodate intra-band migratory routes...

    In addition to their more conventional musical performances, the trio (cellist Laura McGrogan joined in 2008) spent 2009/10 exploring and exploiting some alternative performance spaces, including an abandoned flax mill, a field or two, half a dozen living rooms and a palm house..


    Doors 8pm, poster and door tax to follow!
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    My first post!
    This is gonna be one beaut of a gig, cannae wait.
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    In precisely two days' time.
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    The Lambing Season were absolutely sensational. Hard to describe the kind of music they play, but they'd probably be liked by fans of Sparklehorse, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, Beirut, Yo La Tengo, Sufjan Stevens... er, vaguely that kind of area.

    Several members are ex-Boathouse, but I'd say the LS are actually better than Boathouse, and that was a band I regarded highly.