1. avatar Chuffola
    Afternoon all. In the market for a cheap Strat (possibly to mod when I get the time) and I seem to remember someone saying that the no-name Chinese ones in the Guitar Rooms were decent. Anyone anymore info on them? Alternatively - anyone have a cheap Squier or MIM Fender? Even a Vintage V6 might do the job?
  2. avatar Nathaniel
    if u are just stripping down for parts iv and auld stagg strat copy i cud sort u out with
  3. avatar brassneck
    I've had a no name strat and precision bass from curly music in Liverpool, and to be honest they're really good. Body work is great, hardware as you'd imagine is pretty cak, but upgraded the bass with seymour duncans, badass bridge, fender decal, and turned out a treat. The guitars were both based on 50's style fenders, don't know whether they're the same as your looking at, but they're defo worth a look,

  4. avatar Chuffola
    Cheers. I'll give them a once over.
  5. avatar SimonC
  6. avatar Chuffola
    Thanks Simon. I'll call in next week and check them out
  7. avatar unplugged
    they are pretty good for modding. can be made into a decent guitar.

    if interested i have an offical 1960s style fender tele decal/waterslide for the headstock which i never used if u want it for a lock of quids. would look the part.
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  9. avatar NSF35
    The no names are def made in the same factory as tokai having seen invoices for them in the past. The only thing about these no names is the machine heads are crap and can be very stiff but they are a great guitar. I modded mine and installed brand new CTS pots and switches, Kent Armstrong Texas Specials and Kluson old style machine heads. I've also owned a no name tele and 335 and can say they are worth the every penny better in fact than some cheap squiers.

    For a decent wiring loom check out Hoagland Brothers in the US they custom make these for any guitar takes around 2 weeks though but well worth the money. I've had strat, tele and les paul looms from these guys and they are very high quality they also sell on ebay.com.
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    im afraid half wrong. lol
    but partially right:
    few years back they were made in same factory. they now are not.
    so much so the quality dropeed a while back the GE stopped stocking them. or so i was told.

    they are made in a new chinese factory which also make richwood in fact source a richwood strat they are identical.

    def a gr8 guitar for the money.
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  11. avatar NSF35

    I've had my no namer for quite a few years and it was def the tokai factory mine came out of. You are right the quality did dip a good bit later i bought a strat with a maple neck the neck was terrible so much so it warped. My local guitar emporium ended up rather than change the whole guitar they changed just the neck and that warped too. I must look into getting another if Richwood have taken them over im looking something to mod though i haven't seen no namers in Northern Ireland for a while
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    As an occasional car mechanic and computer technician, the use of the word "loom" to describe guitar wiring makes me laugh. It's just a few short bits o' wire!

    Oh, and the "seen invoices" idea makes me laugh too. They had "this is the same factory that makes Tokais" on them, did they?