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    Hi. Im on the lookout again.
    21, Song writer from Rathfriland. I write 'alot' of my own music and have countless songs over the years. Few of them were used in bands and even changed abit as the others had ideas. Im watching local bands around my area going places with music and i hate it because i havnt yet lol. Im lookin dedicated members who love music as much as myself. Im looking a drummer, bassist and singer

    I do write my own bass lines and add drums but its just rough recordings/ideas i do at the house

    www.myspace.com/deanmackinsongs - My music myspace if you want to check out a few songs.
    I do write comedy rock songs now and then for a laugh. Since i cant write lyrics for piss lol but if anyone is interested in forming. Please let me know asap. I hat emissing out on band stuff

    Email is deanmackin@live.co.uk
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