1. avatar gerry norman

    WE just can't release a single without a big party in your home town so this time we're going to the Menagerie THURS JUNE 17th to rip it up from late afternoon-late. We invite you all to come down for a mini-festival APR style to celebrate to release of All You Know and Love Will Die through DiDiMau Records. There's so much great music in this town we wana get as many bands as possible on the bill. We're planning a BBQ, DJs and acoustic stage outside and making ticket prices very low too.

    Full supporting line-up will be announced soon but for now if you wana get involved in any way at all just let us know. That goes to photographer, journalists, film-makers, promoters, people who just wana stick up posters and hand out flyers, etc. We have loads of ideas so I'm sure we can let everyone whose interested in getting involved a job.

    We promise you a good day of the best music in Belfast and it's just our little way of saying thanks for all your support so far. More info to follow but for now get the news out that we're gonna have a serious party.

    The song itself has been re-recorded with the genius Neal Calderwood in Manor Park studios and it's sound amazing. It's been 3 years since we last recorded it so it's now up-to-date with our live performance. Also Dave is drumming which is nice. It's gonna be a digital release with a limited 100-200 CD's available at the launch.
  2. avatar kieranx1
    do you guys need any support we would love to play


    cheers kieran
  3. avatar gerry norman
    Yeah loads of bands have got in touch already. We'll be gettin as many as possible on board. Glad your interested. Do you like burgers? Now that's the question.
  4. avatar kieranx1
    dude i love burgers!!!

    i can tell we are gonna get along.
    email us if ya want us to support/ bring burgers


    cheers dude