1. avatar punkvsmetal
    I am looking to start up a alt rock band based in belfast and i am looking for musicians aged 18+ with practise once a week in the city centre
    My influences would be paramore, youmeatsix, lostprophets, biffy clyro, jimmy eat world and kids in glass houses. idealy i am looking for a lead guitarist, a bassist and a drummer. i've play guitar for 5 years and a friend of mine would be doing vocals. Members must be hardworking and commited, But still be easygoing as it must be fun.
    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask
  2. avatar Tom8336
    Hey, sounds good! I was wondering if you guys had anything recorded yet?

  3. avatar punkvsmetal
    Not yet, but i have a few songs wrote already but was waiting for a whole band to be near enough set up as im going to record profesionally soon, i am also good friends with the producer of the first two ash albums so i mite get him to work with it. but if you want a few rough verson of the songs, i.e recorded on my laptop then i can get them in a few days for you.
  4. avatar DynamicDonut
  5. avatar punkvsmetal
  6. avatar punkvsmetal
  7. avatar Darknessness
    I'd be interested but I'm based in Portstewart xD
  8. avatar roryb
    bass player. xoxoxox
  9. avatar jab
    What ages are you guys?
  10. avatar punkvsmetal
    im sorry guys wev already joined red returned lol
    thanks anyway tho