1. avatar Tom8336
    My first post!
    Hey, I have been playing bass for the past few years. Due to study commitments I haven't been able to get out to play with other musicians all that much. What I lack in experience I make up for in dedication.

    I'm 22, and have good gear and transport. I'm open to anything - from dance/electronic to rock and blues.
  2. avatar punkvsmetal
    Where are you from man?
  3. avatar Tom8336
    I'm living in S Belfast at the moment, but im from outside Ballymena, so anywhere in between should be handy!
  4. avatar punkvsmetal
    pmd u
  5. avatar Fernando
    Pm'd ya.
  6. avatar fightoffyourdemons
  7. avatar unspecified_trend
  8. avatar Sideswipe

  9. avatar redeye
    R u still available?
    We need a bassist
    e-mail me if u want to talk more?
    Ta, Matt - Redeye (vocals)