1. avatar Rocky
    In the past month I've actively stopped posting on Fastfude.
    I no longer see it as a healthy, helpful meeting place of musical people.

    Facebook has given an open channel of communication with anyone making music in N.Ireland to personally reach out to almost anyone they'd like to. It serves the purpose, while removing the aspects of such discussion that I find negative, pointless, ignorant and boring.

    However, my name's been brought into a thread.
    My inclusion in the suggestions is factually incorrect.

    Can we meet up and talk about this? I'm always willing to openly discuss such aspects of my activity.

    I have a little bit of time available this week before I start album projects that take me up to the end of the summer.

    I will happily fill you in on my involvement with this project,
    the details therein and my views on why I think it stands to be of benefit to people I'd like to help.

    Send me a pm or email rockyoreilly@hotmail.com
    Include your number and I'll give you a call now.
  2. avatar savagebilliards
    Let's not let 'facts' get in the way of a good rant Rocky!
  3. avatar goatboy
    To be fair he was talking about Rocky O'reilley.

    He's probably talking about someone else.
  4. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Shaftsbury Sq tomorrow, 3pm, no schoolbags.
  5. avatar SimonC
    Copies of the Beano/Dandy a lunchbox and a rusty nail are however optional.
  6. avatar Mickeycolensoparade
    [quote:5e7fcd4b73="Joeplaysthedrums"]Shaftsbury Sq tomorrow, 3pm, no schoolbags.[/quote:5e7fcd4b73]

    I can't make it, I'll be sitting outside Methody on a deck chair with a six pack of stella waiting for that bell to ring.
  7. avatar tinpot anto


  8. avatar tinpot anto
    Rocky sure it's only some rim-pube sockpuppet like T-ent or something.
  9. avatar flightstrip

  10. avatar T Entertainment
    [quote:af085e9320="tinpot anto"]Rocky sure it's only some rim-pube sockpuppet like T-ent or something.[/quote:af085e9320]

    Anto, this board hasn't been worth the not-inconsiderable-hassle of setting up a false account in years in the name of a larf, and in the past six months it's become so dull days go by when I don't even look near it.

    It sure has been a slow burning sock puppet: http://fastfude.org/egosearch.php?id=6811
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  11. avatar CallMeKatya


    Surely it's Adrienne?
  12. avatar my-angel-rocks
    Rocky: your private messages function not working?
  13. avatar flightstrip


    Surely it's Adrienne?[/quote:144aa7751d]

    It actually is Adrian.im a rocky nerd,sorry.;)
  14. avatar CallMeKatya


    Surely it's Adrienne?[/quote:d9aebf0383]

    It actually is Adrian.im a rocky nerd,sorry.;)[/quote:d9aebf0383]

    According to Wikipedia it's Adrianna... Looks like this is one of those puzzles that'll never be solved.
  15. avatar T Entertainment
    Audioperm (I mean me here, obviously, it's a cunning deceit), you've gone very quiet.
    Anyone know what band he/she is in?
  16. avatar drive by fader
    [quote:ea5c462c96]Rocky: your private messages function not working?[/quote:ea5c462c96]

    As these insinuations were posted publicly and subsequently read by hundreds of people I think Rocky has a right to publicly respond and let people know that they're unfounded and he's dealing with it.
  17. avatar tinpot anto
    T-ent it's always you, even when it's not you it's still you, even when it was the bears, it was you ;-)
  18. avatar T Entertainment
    Sock puppets are incredibly difficult to run without detection since Roger introduced the 'posting from the same IP' function.
    It is one of a number of anti-hate moves from Herbert which have served to render this board moribund, banal and gay, [b:512e7ecc07]IF YOU ASK ME[/b:512e7ecc07].
  19. avatar tinpot anto
    I'm not actually accusing you btw :-) just an existential whimsy :-)
  20. avatar anty2
    im gonna create nu-nu metal to get all this angst out of my system

    btw does anyone know drummers who would like to drum for [url=http://www.myspace.com/commonbredtrigger]dom sung wigger[/url]

    were cuddly and lonely as a two piece :(
  21. avatar T Entertainment
    I'm just sensitive on the subject, Anto - I remember when there was a general discussion forum on here that you didn't even have to log in to post on. Completely anonymous.
  22. avatar goatboy
    Those were the days.

    Caused a bit of trouble though from what I can remember, eh?
  23. avatar DuncanDisorderly
    I am looking for the RAM gallery, does anyone have a link?
  24. avatar goatboy
    Buying www.thedangerfields.co.uk and redirecting it to www.ramgallery.com is probably my biggest achievement in life.
  25. avatar T Entertainment
    To be fair, that's genuinely more than I've ever achieved and, I dare say, more than nearly everyone who has used this frightful c*nt of a site.