1. avatar Recycled Alien
    Picked up on Faceboke:
    "ASIWYFA are incredibly proud and excited to say we will be supporting Them Crooked Vultures starting in Vienna next Thursday and then Luxembourg and Amsterdam. For those who do not know Them Crooked Vultures is made up of Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones. :-)"
  2. avatar Joeplaysthedrums
    Holy shit! Well done lads.
  3. avatar POSITIVExYOUTH
    Fair play to the lads!

    Mind you, that is too much ginger energy. It's extremely unsafe.
  4. avatar steviel
    That is SO class. Fucking phenomenal for the lads!
  5. avatar JTM
    Fricking AWESOME.
  6. avatar Deestroyer
    That's great news.
  7. avatar Redwinevino
    Great news for them
  8. avatar MULLAN Extraordinaire
    Excellent for the lads. Hardest working band from Ireland at the mo.
  9. avatar Dirty Stevie Grizz
    Awesome stuff lads. Any dates coming this way at all?
  10. avatar Outta' Time Promotions
    that's brilliant news!...they deserve it! great band
  11. avatar Spectral
    It's even more mmmmazin to think that ASIWYFA will be way better than them! Fair play lads!
  12. avatar kieranx1
    wow that is cool nice one lads.