1. avatar sloppyjoe
    The wife's getting me a K&K Pure Mini for the acoustic.
    My ma got me a card with a big badge that says TOO OLD TO PARTY
    I'm probably going to get myself yet another guitar when I can figure out how to smuggle it in.

    You lot... well, you could go and download my song off NIChart and tell me how brilliant/original it is, and how very unusual these days to hear anything in 5/8 time.

    On the other hand, if you're only going to tell me it's shite, wait till tomorrow.

    [url=http://www.linkfacts.com/l.php?l=18632]Eleanor Come Home on NIChart[/url]
  2. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:d94f92f430="sloppyjoe"] 5/8 time.[/quote:d94f92f430]

    5/4 surely (based on my rather limited understanding of how time signatures work)?
    It is nice to hear a less-standard time signature once in a while though.
    and happy birthday
  3. avatar Recycled Alien
    5/8 is the same rhythm as 5/4 but faster! :D
  4. avatar sloppyjoe
    [quote:663592b95d="Recycled Alien"]5/8 is the same rhythm as 5/4 but faster! :D[/quote:663592b95d]

    Yeah, it's like going up to 11, see? I haven't a clue really, but when I tried to set up my click track on the recorder it wouldn't do 5/4. Hence 5/8.
  5. avatar Fernando
    Hey there special one, it's my birthday too !!!!!!!!! 33 today, oul B*****d that I a
    am !!

    Did you know that we share our special day with Henry Kissinger, Andre 3000,
    Christopher Lee and Gazza ?

    I will have a listen to your track after work (I know, on my birthday) and perhaps
    you could give a wee tune I recently wrote on www.thecut.bandcamp.com a listen and we can
    exchange praise/insults.

    One day I might try to put a band together to play this nonsense...........
  6. avatar my-angel-rocks
    [quote:0d26a9c1c5="Recycled Alien"]5/8 is the same rhythm as 5/4 but faster! :D[/quote:0d26a9c1c5]

    Surely the emphasis is in a different place in the bar though?
  7. avatar sloppyjoe
    The discussion of time signatures was very diverting and all, but I can't help noticing that nobody actually said they liked the poxy song. Which I take to mean that I'm in for a kicking when it ceases to be my birthday. On the positive side, I'm seeing a level of restraint that I really didn't expect on this site. Always a silver lining.

    Anyone want to buy any guitars? Amps?

    Fernando, I liked your track by the way. Nice guitar lick and all. Maybe you could bring the vocal forwards a bit though - it wasn't easy to make out the lyrics.
  8. avatar Fernando
    Thanks for the positive comments Joe, I will take your advice on board and bring the vocals up in the mix a bit more. And now at the risk of appearing to adapt a "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" policy.........

    I really enjoyed your track and the time signature seemed incidental to me rather than a driving force behind the composition. The lyrics and harmonies were fantastic and musically it reminded me of some of the more accessible early 70's Prog Rock in my collection (I was prompted for some reason to stick a few of my early Yes Lp's) which is certainly a good thing in my book.

    Well that's my 2 cents worth and I will certainly be keeping an eye out for future posts. Keep up the good vibes and good luck........
  9. avatar Cugel
    I also liked it - happy birthday.
  10. avatar RadioWolf
    Nice one Joe! I'm liking the time signature. Keep 'er lit.
  11. avatar sloppyjoe
    Thank you very much indeed folks. It's very kind of you - including the ones who politely declined to comment. You've made a sad deluded fart very happy. :D
  12. avatar SimonC

    If you've not had a KnK Pick-up before I'd say you'll be impressed. I've had one in both of my Avalons - and IMHO..they give the best sound/tone available.
  13. avatar sloppyjoe
    Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the K&K. I've not tried one before. You must be an absolute raving gear nut though Simon. The kit I've seen you talk about would put Matchett's to shame.
  14. avatar SimonC
    [quote:44202a3540="sloppyjoe"]Yeah, I'm really looking forward to the K&K. I've not tried one before. You must be an absolute raving gear nut though Simon. The kit I've seen you talk about would put Matchett's to shame.[/quote:44202a3540]

    I have a SERIOUS condition of G.A.S.! What more can I say!

    KnK would be my first point of call in putting a P/U into an acoustic- as you get a very natural tone, an almost mic'd quality about the sound. The system is essentially three small low impedance microphones on small sticky pads which "stick" under your bridge. As the sound is so natural - you can end up with a little too much bass (depending on the guitar you use) - so I'd recommend a good EQ pedal as you have no on-board adjustment.
    I've recently had a play with a D-TAR System - which is also quite nice. It's 18V so gives you a lot of headroom. It's quote hot however and some desks don't seem to like the output level. A good DI/Pre-amp however has sorted it - and works wonders.

    Do you play through an acoustic amp much? I have a very nice Fender Acoustisonic Head for sale if you'd be interested?
  15. avatar loveisthelaw
    Happy birthday, what age are you? Love the tune, very like early genesis, drum wise but the vocals more Jethro Tull