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    On Friday 21st May 2010 Lowly Knights performed to an intimate audience of 50 in No Alibis bookstore in Belfast. All tickets for the event sold out within 24 hours and there were enough names on the waiting list to sell it out over again.

    The laid back nature of the show enabled the band to test out a number of unreleased songs and also enjoy performances from guests David Clements, Rachael Austin and Cello Suites.


    1.Buckle Under You Just Like Before
    2.Burning Powder

    -snippet of David Clements performance
    -snippet of Rachael Austin performance


    Intimate concerts and poetry readings are quite common in the bookstore and more events can be found at noalibis.com

    Hollow is taken from the bands second extended play
    "To The Hum Of Distant Voices: The Hollow EP"

    All footage and audio taken hostage by Gregg Houston and Hannah Vincent.

    Thanks to Shannon McClean and Kev McKeown for sorting us out with some gear.

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  2. avatar Matt M
    Captured another wonderful evening perfectly, dear sir. Just wait until the posterboy is heading up to collect the Palme D'Or for the Two Door film.