1. avatar Gogs

    I've been asked recently to write a weekly Belfast blog for TheUnsignedGuide.com.

    It's not going to be reviews or owt like that, it's more going to be heads-up on exciting happenings, Q&A's with people, Top 5's, that kinda thing. Whatever takes my fancy, really.

    The first blog is up now:


    If anyone has anything they would like covered or whatever, giz an e-mail or something.

    Also, check out my blog too.



    Gogs xo
  2. avatar Gogs
    This week's blog is now up; it's about Captain Kennedy's charity single release.


    Last week's was about No Mean City, by the way. You should read it too.

    Cheers! xo
  3. avatar markrock
    hey how about doing something on our band skarrd cheers mark g
  4. avatar Gogs
    This week's blog is up and is celebrating Deadonmusic's swanky new website!

  5. avatar Gogs
    Missed a week there due to life getting in the way, but there's a new blog up now about CDC's current troubles:

  6. avatar Gogs
    This week I had a quick catch-up with Tom McShane ahead of his album recording sessions on Saturday: