1. avatar isis
    Hi there,
    I've just put a piece together for NI Visitors Journal on Irish Music, Only back at the mag for three weeks and have a fair amount of work to be at...

    Does any one know where I can get high res archive pics of Ruby Murray, and Rory Gallagher? Been serching for a while but I don't have all my old contacts so I'm hitting a bit of a wall...especially with poor Ruby.
    Any help would be very time savingly appreciated!!!

    Thanks a million
  2. avatar PunksatonyPhil

    You could try the good peoople at the Ohyeah Centre, they have been putting stuff together for the music exhibition down there and both Murray and Gallagher were in as far as I know...

    I take it the centre and the exhibition get a mention of course...?
  3. avatar isis
    already tried that avenue I'm afraid, they're doing a lot of building work and don't have access to the library. I've mentioned them anyway but no joy on the images....
  4. avatar PunksatonyPhil

    Is there nothing online that has a link to photographers or rights holders...

    Thats the road i'd head down..