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    Hi folks,

    My name's Matt and I'm an editor working hard towards launching a new magazine for Northern Ireland called Music Matters. We have a basic web presence with a few reviews here: http://www.musicmattersmagazine.com , a twitter @musicmattersmag and are hoping to move to this sort of design later in the week: http://mmm.politicalundertones.com

    Now, you'll probably have a tonne of questions including words like "AU" and "Shop in Belfast" - Yes we are partially funded by http://www.musicmattersbelfast.com but I have editorial independence. I've also met with the AU Publisher (Johnny) and he knows we exist and is supportive of a new magazine for musicians.

    Our ethos is to promote new local talent and encourage more international acts to come here. We also want to focus on creativity, songwriting and musicianship.

    So far we've had or organised interviews and/or reviews with Rams Pocket Radio, Silhouette, John D'arcy, Kate at the Carnival, ForChristSake, the Ulster Orchestra, Duke Special, Snow Patrol, Nell Brydon, Rod Stewart, Nerina Pallot and Mark Knopfler.

    I am now getting to the point were I need help. A team. It is for the most part me and an amazing photographer ( http://www.kathrynhepworth.com )

    So if you're an aspiring music journalist who would like tickets/interviews or an unsigned Northern Irish act who wants exposure, email me: editor@musicmattersmagazine.com (Though the odd email seems to not get through so tweet us if you don't get a response).

    If you'd even like marketing experience to help us get a hard copy together or have ideas for content - let me know.

    We plan to be fully launched by August. We'd also like to look into videocasts and podcasts.

    Any questions, fire away.

    Best Wishes,

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    Hey, i emailed ya bay! <3
  3. avatar Blackvault
    Email sent :)

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    To everyone that's emailed with interest - thanks, I'll try my best to get back to you all between tomorrow and Friday!
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    That's most of the writers and photographers replied to individually now I think - If you an interested contributor who hasn't got a reply now, let me know.

    There are a lot of interested bands and promoters I'll get to tomorrow - Had a very busy weekend covering (with help!) everything from Everyday Super Heroes to Frank Turner to Pigstock to Silhouette single launch and interviewing Nell Bryden soon, randomly!

    Really appreciate all the interest and we're hoping to get that shiny web design brushed up and hosted this week :)