1. avatar fletch_belfast
  2. avatar goatboy
    If only RAM Gallery still existed.........
  3. avatar dave_b
    There's loads of different kinds of ram, and they are totally NOT compatable. To make sure you get the right stuff, try the checker tool [url=http://www.crucial.com/uk/?click=true]here[/url], their ram is great and it will tell you exactly what modules you can use.

    RAM prices are crazy high at the minute, thankfully they were cheap as when I got mine :)
  4. avatar martyboyle
    My first post!
    Yeah you have to be very careful.

    That price seems cheap, just make sure it is the right one.

    Also when changing RAM you are supposed to wear anti static yocks around your wrists to prevent damaging any other components.
  5. avatar Nomad666
    in reply to the comment above you dont actually have to do that. Ive been building Pcs for about 9 years now and ive never wore them. a wee trick that alot of people dont know is if you touch the inside of the metal case of the pc before you touch any components it actually earths you and removes any static charge that built up on your hands.

    Also if you try checking scan.co.uk and overclockers.co.uk you will probably find a good deal
  6. avatar Devilspain
    i agree with person above you dont need to wear any static protection. computer componants are quite robust they wont break unless you physically damage them. unless im just lucky.:)