1. avatar carley

    better late than never lol! If you fancy a custom a Facebook page for your band similar to the ASIWYFA tab ([url=http://www.facebook.com/andsoiwatchyoufromafar?v=app_4949752878]click here[/url]) then go to our Facebook page before 17:30 today and "say hello"

    It's as simple as that! Each profile that leaves a message will be entered into a draw to win a page - so bribe your mates to post aswell!

    Go Go Go >>> [url=http://www.facebook.com/pagedesigns]www.facebook.com/pagedesigns[/url]

    And if you want to look at a few other page samples you can find us here: [url=http://www.spiderhousepr.com]www.spiderhousepr.com[/url]

    If you want a page anyway drop us an email - we were at Brighton TGE and have an offer running May-July which we're more than happy to extend to anyone in the music industry :)