1. avatar ziggy
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  2. avatar stevenr
    Is your 58 still for sale?
  3. avatar ziggy
    Yup :)
  4. avatar stevenr
  5. avatar Strong Reaction
    What work needs done to the Carlsboro bass amp?
  6. avatar flightstrip
    pm'd u but hav some pms are not getting through.im interested in some gear,giz a wee buzz on 07894645881.;) andy
  7. avatar DeliriumTremens
    is the mac g4 an imac and what sort of condition is it in???
  8. avatar Elliot
    Am I to believe that Carlsboro make the best amps in the world?
    Or was that a cheap marketing ploy.
  9. avatar artyfufkin
    Are the monitors powered?
  10. avatar jimc
    My first post!
    Nicola,could you get intouch requarding giving me the wrong amp
  11. avatar ziggy
    eveyone pmd and the thread updated with new gear and prices :)
  12. avatar Kaya rehersals/recordings
    Hi, is the soundcraft mixer still available?
  13. avatar ziggy
    no it sold last week sorry