1. avatar dragitback
    I have spent many years trying to find an appropriate band to blast audiences with. But regretfully have failed due to lack of commitments and not gelling correctly. If there any musicians out there who feel they have an original and fresh sound please contact me. I have compositions of my own but i want to create something new and vibrant. Im willing to travel depending on where your located. This includes drummers, bassists, guitarists, keyboard players etc.

    I'm a self trained vocalist- i don't copy anyone or any style, im just myself, and ive been playing the guitar for around 8 years and have developed my own style aswell.

    I'm considering taking a year out just for this sort of thing, I believe thier is potential for the music i already have, masssive potential
  2. avatar petethedrummer
    Alright mate, I like the sound of ur add, in a band myself an there is no commitment anymore so I'm lookin a change. I've played nearly every other weekend for the past 3 years, I've done slot of covers an our own stuff, I'm bored of covers now an all I wanna do is origanl stuff. I have my own gear an transport. Oh yeah a drummer by the way.
  3. avatar dragitback
    you sound pretty awesome, i'd be a bit more alternative to the bands your intersted. Although i still appreciate the rock and i'm heavily influenced by it. Where abouts do you hail from anyway?
  4. avatar dragitback
    More info on myself:

    Im 18 and have finsished school/college.
    Plenty of time on my hands
    Cant drive but know how to work the transport system.
    influences include:
    Sigur ross
    rolling stones
    stone roses
    arctic monkeys
    daft punk
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs
    Calvin Harris
  5. avatar dragitback
    le bump
  6. avatar dragitback
    keep er lit
  7. avatar punkvsmetal
    hey would you be intertested in somthing more enter shikari, hadouken, pendulum, more rock based electronic acts?
  8. avatar dragitback
    The influences i had listed were around that main sort of area i want produce in. I wouldn't really listen to enter shakira but having a different style could make a more original sund. What do you play anyway?
  9. avatar MattJordan.
    Mate looking to start something new. Have been in a band only as a vocalist but I play bass. I was going to pm Pete the drummer about starting something too. Me and my friend are into along the same genre of music and we are a bassist and guitar two piece. Really looking something towards a stadium sound and something that will get some notice in this country. pm me if you wana talk details. cheers
  10. avatar dragitback
    thanks so far to everyone. please keep sending messages, still haven't fully set my mind
  11. avatar dragitback
  12. avatar dragitback
    Btw I have two drummers prepard to play for the cause. although i still want to hear from other drummers!
  13. avatar dragitback
    forest gump
  14. avatar Zombi Music Promotions
    like the sound of your idea im a bass player and have been playing for 8 years. i done my share of covers and would be up for playing something new. i am willing to travel if needed.
  15. avatar Zombi Music Promotions
    my email is Armando_passion@hotmail.co.uk
  16. avatar dragitback
    ok. ill add you now sure
  17. avatar dragitback
    ive added you
  18. avatar dragitback
  19. avatar DavySavage
    Hey, we're currently seeking a vocalist, definitely interested in some of your influences. Check out [url=www.myspace.com/thesmokingacesband]our myspace[/url] and get back if you are interested.