1. avatar Yamster
    hello all, we are in need of a drummer - he left today... girl trouble (prick)

    if there is any drummers out there - 17+
    are interested in joining belfast band :)
    give me a shout

    we have had 6 gigs doing covers of:

    guns n roses
    red hot chili peppers
    pink floyd
    iron maiden

    but now we are doing our own songs - so its a good time to join.

    gimmee a shout people

  2. avatar Boyle
    alright carl hows it going mate? where in belfast are you based? im 20, been playin drums since i was 11 been in many bands began metal drumming and started playing heavy rock, slower stuff, im an all rounder. played lots of live gigs. big chillis fan too. gimme a shout if your interested. hate.cod@gmail.com