1. avatar arjenswinkles

    We're booked in the studio with Rocky O'Reilly in late august to record our debut EP and we're looking to get as many gigs as possible in late july and all of august and september to basically get our name out there before the EP launch later in the year!

    Do you think you or anyone you know could help us out?
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  2. avatar arjenswinkles
    Oh and our myspace is www.myspace.com/tied2machines
  3. avatar arjenswinkles
    bump ta feck
  4. avatar flightstrip
    give chris at cryptic a wee ring on 07591127895 and he may be able to get you a slot in laverys.tell him andy sent ya
  5. avatar arjenswinkles
    Thanks dude much appreciated!
  6. avatar kieranx1
    this is a wee bar in lurgan its small but a good nights crack. we have played there a few times. leave a comment on the page. ya might get at gig out of it.

  7. avatar arjenswinkles
    Thanks man!