1. avatar remainsofyouth
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  2. avatar sloppyjoe
    What pickups does it have - are they the SCN jobs?
  3. avatar remainsofyouth
    Aye. Samarium Cobalt Noiseless pickups I think they are called. Great sound!
  4. avatar remainsofyouth
  5. avatar SimonC
  6. avatar remainsofyouth
    serious? Whered you find that price?
  7. avatar SimonC
    GAK - [url=http://www.guitarampkeyboard.com/en/fender-deluxe-strat/8994]HERE![/url]
  8. avatar Cugel
  9. avatar SimonC
    OK - but its not a 2010 model, therefore doesn't have the upgrades/new spec.
    Unless this one is a special order IIRC Cherryburst is an Alder body. Therefore - that's why I cited the GAK price.
  10. avatar remainsofyouth
    Yeh thanks man. It's the ash one. Its not the 2010 one, but it's in peak condition. If you want a look give me a shout. Going away for a week but can try and arrange something.
  11. avatar remainsofyouth
    Oh and i edited my original advert to make sure the second link is workin. That will show you the exact spec. Ash body, SCN pickups, maple neck, s1 switching system.
  12. avatar The Fires of Hell
    That's quite an axe. Where you based?
  13. avatar remainsofyouth
    East Belfast! I am away for the next week, but I can still arrange something. Otherwise it can be sorted on my return.
  14. avatar Recycled Alien
    You should also fix your photo link so it doesn't route through Facebook. I mean, I THINK it will work as it is for non-Facebook users, but it's really ugly.
  15. avatar remainsofyouth
    Thanks recycled alien. No idea why that was happening!
  16. avatar remainsofyouth
    Last bump before ebay etc
  17. avatar remainsofyouth
    Ebay fees etc mean I will take 700 for this now.
  18. avatar anty2
    best of luck for sale, if youd take a washburn pilsen idol (pi70) as a trade id put a few extra pennies towards it
  19. avatar remainsofyouth
    Sorry man. Just bought a new guitar so not really lookin for a trade in!