1. avatar Nathaniel
    anyone any advice - i know nothing about amps - used to just being D.I'ed
  2. avatar SimonC
    Best bang for buck Used - TRACE ELLIOT
    Best bang for buck New - SR JAM
    I have lots of cash and want to spend it - AER / Fishman
    I want something on a budget and I'm not that picky about my sound - Marshall

    All in all - my shout would be for a Trace TA40/TA50R ... they're fantastic
  3. avatar shiniru
  4. avatar Recycled Alien
    [quote:200ac23839="shiniru"]carlsboro[/quote:200ac23839]I want something on a budget and I hate myself and my audience. :D
  5. avatar Nathaniel
    thanks for the advice - yas are lovely!!
  6. avatar sixtyfold
  7. avatar SimonC
    I might have an SR Jam available in a week or so- if you'd be interested.
  8. avatar unplugged
    the as50 is good but if u can afford it strech to the as100d.

    far beter amp and great sound. i use mine reguarly for pub solo acoustic gigs for my wo takamines and vocals. (3 channels, fx, phase, anti f/back, ext fx loop etc)

    i dont know where the 'average sound' thing came off these for they def aint. i much prefer it to the roland i was using. far warmer sound off the marshall.
  9. avatar Sideswipe
    I use a Fender Acoustasonic 30 DSP. It's great, wedge shaped with a line out so I can use it as a monitor and has separate FX for the mic and guitar channels which is handy.

    Got an ex-demo one online for 250.