1. avatar joolia
    Acoustics & Coffee - Clements QUBSU - 27th May @7.30pm

    [size=200]Aaron Shanley[/size]

    Oh you lucky ducks!! That's right, we've got Aaron Shanley playing for us this Thursday evening and you just know it's going to be brilliant :) It's the perfect way to wind down and relax and have a bit of fun during revision time, so if you're studently inclined then take a break from the books and come and have a cuppa and hear some of the best music talent Belfast has on offer :) If you're not a student who's studying their butt off, then you've no real excuse for missing this great gig!

    See ya'll real soon, ya hear! :D

    Acoustics & Coffee
  2. avatar kieranx1
    were is this coffee shop and can anyone play