1. avatar EndOn6
    Hey after a few false starts I'm looking for a new band. Thought rather than listing certain style I'd just put up some bands I like and see if any of you all have the same taste!

    So I've been playing drums about 10 years now, own gear etc. Would like something a bit noisey with lots of riffs! I like these bands;

    Biffy Clyro, Smashing Pumpkins, Hot Water Music, Alkaline Trio, Far, Deftones, Funeral Diner, Four Year Strong, Converge, Austin Lucas, Neil Perry, Faith No More, Million Dead, LaFaro, Hopesfall, Grade, Every Time I Die,

    Things I don't like; Cover/tribute bands, Oasis, Megadeth.

    So if you'd like a jam reply here or send me a PM


  2. avatar Yamster
    hello, our drummer left us today (girl trouble)

    what age are you?

    and we are a belfast band called Belladonna (currently in the process of a new name)
    we have had plenty of gigs together and we done covers of guns n roses, iron maiden, red hot chili peppers and pink floyd songs.

    we are currently writing our own stuff.

    get back to me :)
  3. avatar fightoffyourdemons
    Pm'd :)
  4. avatar Valkaine Miki
    hey man, you might want to check out ards/ belfast band "Rigger".
    They were pretty big a few years ago until they're drummer left, and as far as i know they'd be willing to start up again, they just stopped looking as drummers are a rare sight.
  5. avatar paperlanterns
    pm'd thanks