1. avatar nate182
    Hey all,

    We've got a gig confirmed in Auntie Annie's on Tues 8th June and we're looking for a decent band to headline/play with us. Preferably a band that is established and could bring a crowd. If your up for it let us know on the email kamikids@hotmail.co.uk


  2. avatar EWCraig

    we'll even pump ye
  3. avatar Outta' Time Promotions
    The Randals www.myspace.com/randalsni
  4. avatar Devilspain
    hey nathan,

    i propose edentown great bunch of lads and they can defo pull a crowd!! :)

    [url=http://www.myspace.com/edentown]edentown myspace[/url]

    hope ya get sorted soon!