1. avatar Chrisvito
    Hey guys i am looking a band who hasint did a gig with me yet to play on the 9th june this will be a opening SLot and in laverys bunker : MUST pull a we Crowd


  2. avatar Jameboat
    Who's pulled out bro?
  3. avatar Chrisvito
    No one I had to take a band of the Bill "SPINE" due to them not all being 18 ..

  4. avatar EWCraig

    We could always land up
  5. avatar Bileofwood
    Fucking Exit Wound are teh bomb!

    Teh r0x0r!

    1337 4$$ m040
  6. avatar Chrisvito
    I myt have a band not sure ill you guys know what the score is


  7. avatar EWCraig
    Who are Exit Wound again?

    All i can hear is, "Hubris...Hubris!"

    That might be the lack of sleep talking but.
  8. avatar 666Arcane
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  9. avatar Chrisvito
    Hey guys sorry i got a band ... Cheers tho ill keep you all in mind for the slots i have comeing up in july ..


    PS (Romanticide): Are lookin a full Time Bassist Must be 18 Fully Commited And be able to get to Antrim For more info Email : m-tipp@hotmail.co.uk or just leave me a comment and ill pass it on

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  10. avatar EWCraig
    Set back, hubris, Exit wound = best show of yer life :)
  11. avatar Chrisvito
    HEL YAA ill set it up :P
  12. avatar EWCraig
    I'll hold you to that babe!!