1. avatar earthmusic
    The showcase returns this Saturday with four more of the toppest, tippest bands locally and beyond....kicking things off in their country esque style are Louisiana Joyride....then next up are the excellent The Sons Of Robert Mitchum, think Tom Waits,Nick Cave on a bed of R&B, followed swiftly by Corks finest Neon Flea Circus, currently touring to promote their new material, and then last but not least the bombastic rockness that is BOY....the usual eclectic night of music associated with Audio-ill showcases and all for only 4 earth pounds...where else would you be going anyway....come on chums !!!
  2. avatar lincsman
    Louisiana Joyride and sons of robert mitchum are 2 cracking bands would love to make it down to this but totally skint till pay day next week. sounds like a great night